My Faith

My faith in God

is precious to me

For there was a time when I

could not see

And now God has opened

my eye’s

And for my God

there are  no good bye’s

My faith in God is precious to me

and  I hope someday you will see

Because knowing and loving Jesus

means everything to me

It is he that has

Set me “Free”.

I don’t desire to offend

But just hope you come

to know my friend.

Written by:  Pat Thacker


23 thoughts on “My Faith

  1. jingle

    What A quality poem,
    you are doing simply great,
    I feel lucky to know your GOD
    via your powerful WORDS.
    God is better understood when
    his follower such as you
    truly believe in him,
    speaks on behalf of him,
    and love him,
    with No doubt,

    Best Poem I read this afternoon,
    Thumbs Up, 😉

  2. pttyann Post author

    Thanks Jingle I truly appreciate this for I’m sort of low today
    but giving up no way
    For I’m a winner you see
    and Jingle thanks
    For encouraging me!!! 🙂

  3. william

    hello Pat hope u are well today, this was a BEAUTIFUL poem, your love for the main man is evident, I used to have a lady on my poetry site called Marie , her poems were always about God she is like you, an angel xx

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  5. datsme

    I am soo glad i discovered your blog. Just what i needed to read when I was feeling low. Your words are healing and so optimistic.

    Thanks for sharing your words 🙂

    Thank you so much I’m glad you’re being encouraged,have a wonderful evening Datsme :).

  6. jingle


    You shall pay William a visit if you have never been to his place before,
    He is kind and always comment back…

    best wishes, Pat, smile all the way.

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  8. Margaret

    Patty Ann,

    You have written a most beautiful witness to the great things God does in our hearts when we welcome Him into our lives….. How right you are in saying, “There are no good byes.”…. Having Jesus is the absolute greatest Treasure anyone can have….. Everything else is worthless in comparison — just as Paul says in one of his letters…. Have a great day!


  9. Pttyann

    Hi Jingle thanks so much for including me I am so enjoying poetry,even though it’s all new to me!!!! 😀

    Heyyy Greg so very good to have you out here with us and let your words of love flow! 😀

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  11. grayfoxzero

    To be able to openly express a love for Someone who will and has given us everything He possibly could without fear of criticisms is the best kind of reciprocal love we can show. Thank you for your reminder, Pat 🙂


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