What Is This?

I am torn apart because of my faith

and sometimes these things

must be

For Jesus paid a great

price to set me  free

and while  this seems quiet strange

at times I feel so drained

but when I think of all Jesus

went through for me

I understand how  this can be

For all of my trials  causes

growth in me

So regardless to the blows

on my knees I must go

For this to shall pass

because God will not let  this last.

Written by :  Pat Thacker


4 thoughts on “What Is This?

  1. jingle

    Believe in yourself,
    Believe in your Lord,
    Follow the trend,
    feel great,…

    You have a gift on poetry,
    That’s a gift from God…

    Please enjoy your talent and poems,
    smile, rest, and be happy.

    you are a big winner,… 🙂


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