“Peace I leave with you, My
peace I give to you; not as the World gives
do I give to you. Let not your heart be
troubled, neither let it be afraid.”
( John 14:27 )

Oh what peace I now enjoy

it’s all different than before

I use to worry night

and day

But God’s peace

has calmed the storms

Because I’m resting

safe  in his arms.

Written by : Pat Thacker


17 thoughts on ““Peace”

  1. Rachel

    Pat – I often think of the incredible peace that comes from God’s spirit within us – I wonder how others do it – and I know from experience they don’t – their soul suffers. What a gift – what a blessing to know true peace that underscores everything.


    Thanks Rachel! I’m surprised it was suppose to be a draft 😀 Thanks for stopping through.

  2. jingle

    Peace is cool
    when people like you
    follow God’s WORDS
    stay true
    to your faith and
    keep hoping…

    May Peace Remain With You, Pat, beautiful poem.

    Thanks Jingle this was not supposed to be published yet 😦 oh well it’s out there now back to the writing board for next week :D.

  3. pttyann Post author

    Thanks for the love William I’m trying!!! And I’m enjoying more poems some are so good and others I’m just not getting it 😦 but I’m forging ahead :D.
    Luv ya

  4. Tishrei

    Hi Pat,

    I’m really enjoying your poems. This one I really liked — starting off with scripture like you did and then wrote a poem how it plays in your life.

    And Amen — the only true peace is from within and that only God can give.

  5. Margaret

    Patty Ann,

    God knows how to put that true peace in our hearts because He is the Almighty and loves us so dearly….. You are doing a marvelous job of expressing God’s truths in poetry….. All of the Psalms are poetry and your poetry is much like that…. Thanks a bunch! 🙂


  6. Viola

    Pat this is beautiful and I could feel the sweet spirit of peace all around me as I read your awesome words. God blees my friend, and I agree with Billy your smile also bring forth peace.

  7. william

    dear Pat, thanks for the visit darlin, Viola will be in touch soon xx if ever you do not understand my poems simply ask me dear I will be delighted to explain, your doing great, love ya xx


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