All of this time I

hoped and believed you were


Now I find notes and phone numbers


And what makes it worse

it’s the same place

we lay  our heads

You hid all of this junk

in a place we loved and shared

our bed

Now for me this is where

the relationship must end

And no,I cannot be your friend.

Breaking up is hard but some people stay in a relationships  for  wrong reasons. I truly thank God for giving me the strength to get out,for we are not created for abuse!

Love in Christ Pat


15 thoughts on “What?

  1. Awe flower, hope this is just a poem and not true, if it is true, awe, u gave me a fright when u commented on my poem saying u wont be online for a while, well it worked, and then I got ur other message saying you were back…SUPERB, flower do not do that to me again xxx

    have a super blogtastic weekend xxx

  2. I worked in a Dometic Abuse Shelter a few years ago, and every time one of the ladies went back to their abuser it just broke my heart. I am so proud of you for walking. A well written poem with much emotions. God did not put women on earth to be abuse. Great job in writting this Pat.

  3. Great expression, Patty Ann. You project the emotion and the hurt well. Too many of us have been there, done that . . . but thanks to Jesus, all better now.

    In His love (which never disappoints),


  4. well good afternoon flower, sorry to hear you had a hard time, men are such animals when it comes to this sort of thing, well with exception of this man who would not hurt a fly xxx have a great saturday flower xx

  5. Patty Ann,

    This sort of sadness is held in our memory — and is held in great contrast to how faithful, loving, and true Jesus is to each of us — even when we might not be so faithful, loving, or true to Him…..

    How we can break Jesus’ heart….. It is not right….. It is not good….. But, when we want to return to Him, He accepts us with wide open, loving arms….. It’s a most amazing grace.


  6. Hi Margaret
    You are so right memories die hard and for some those memories bind them for years,thank God for he set me free from the abuse and the memories don’t haunt me as they use to.Thanks for your comments 😀
    Love you

  7. Hi William
    I’m so glad you’re a gentle man and as sweet as can be,I also thank God for setting me free! You have a wonderful Saturday William.
    Love you 😀

Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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