I will take your life
and twist it
Until you don’t
even know yourself
I will make you sell
all that you have
Just to feed me
I care nothing about
any race nor
Does it matter
who you are
You think you can
try me and leave
Me when you please
Haven’t you realized
that I am a destroyer
And I plan on
being with you
until the end.
Cocaine is a terrible drug and it has caused such havoc in so many lives,and it is so sad.Many truly think
they can try it and quit,but it’s a lie! Your only hope of continued deliverance is through the power of God,for with him all things are possible.
Love in Christ Β Pat

40 thoughts on “Cocaine

  1. Viola

    Thank you so much Pat for this beautiful award. I really don’t deserve it, but I feel so honor to have you give it to me. You are a beautiful friend inside and out. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    Lots of Love,

  2. Viola

    This poem get right to the heart and mind Pat. I do hope people will pay attention to the message in this awesome post. I used to work in a drug and alcohol shelter and trust me it was not an easy job. They went through so much to come off of the drugs and most of the time 95% of them would go right back to using when they left the shelter. The only ones who really struck stayed off of the drugs were those to turned their life over to God and let Him take complete control of their life.

    1. pttyann Post author

      Oh Vi how well I know that it’s in my family also,and one or two months they’re find then right back to that old way of life.I know God can completely deliver them but he want force them,they must ask from a sincere heart.Thanks Vi and do enjoy your award you deserve it. πŸ˜€

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  4. william

    very powerful post here flower, its mans end to touch that stuff, thanks for spreading some education, I will post lovely violas award given by YOU in a wee while, hope u got ur blog sorted? if not gimme a shout, luv ya babe xx

  5. Tishrei

    There’s not much more destructive to one’s life than an addition to a drug such as cocaine. It’s so sad that people fall into that devastating trap.

    Great message Pat!

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