It’s amazing the things that satan offers us,even now satan is using old tricks.Why?  Because they’ve worked for years,since Adam & Eve satan has been calling God a liar.So when he shows up we must recognize him for what he really is,the father of lies. Satans tactics haven’t changed he still tempts us,by calling God a lie,he whispers lies to us and if we are not careful,he will lead us farther and farther away from God.Our Heavenly Father is the real help we need,and we must run to him and not from him,but in times of crisis we continue to run away.While all the time the lies are being whispered to us,oh satan whispers he says,that cannot not happen or that want be done.So you might as well do it this way,and for sure satan’s ways “Never” please God.God has taught us that he is the destroyer,murderer,and kidnapper all of these tactics he uses well.But as we learn who we are in Christ and keep praying and trying our best to obey,we will live the abundant life here,that God has promised us.God is aware of ever trick that satan brings our way,but it is our job to resist him with all that is in us.God has said obedience is better than sacrifice,even in small things obedience is better.We learn from gaining victory over the small things,to trust God when the bottom seems to drop out. And these days are filled with much to cause us fear,and you can believe satan is right in the midst of it all.We have a Father that cares for us and he has promised to never leave us,but he expects us to trust in him,and to stop going along with the liars whispers into disobedience.I praise and thank God that he is always thinking about me,for his word says he thinks of me more often than   the sand around the seashore.God loves you greatly and deeply!!

Helpful scripture: John 14:1,6   John 8:44  John 6:37    John10:10  The thief comes to steal,kill and destroy. I have come that they might have life,life in all it’s fullness.

Love in Christ Pat


8 thoughts on “THE TEMPTER!!

  1. Viola

    Very good post Sis Pat and powerful as always. Your post reminded me of a song I used to sing when I was growing up.

    The devil is a sly old fox,
    If I could catch him I would
    put him in a box.
    Lock the box and throw away the
    keys, for all those tricks he played
    on me.

    That is what we have to do rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus or he will play many tricks on us.

  2. Margaret

    Patty Ann,

    So many people want to avoid the subject of Satan tempting us day after day….. But, we are in this world for now, and that is how things are…. There’s no sense denying that we all face a battle with temptations every day and many people are losing…. But, the best way is just as you said — trust and obey the Lord…. His ways are always good and right…. They give peace to our hearts as God helps us to win the victory.


  3. Linda Kostin

    Very true Sweet Pattootie. I found out by the devil using the very mouth of my only chid/adult now; how satan says the same old lies. The same old lies are the worse when he uses the drug addict as he has long ago lied to them and clouded their minds to the absolute truth : Jeus Christ<Whom they are not fooling with thier eveil tongues spurting out firely darts that peirce the spirit part of man/women and children when attacked by such a person.
    They don't care as they refuse to believ in accountability, any form of guild, remorce and refuse to repent because of their own false pride that the devil has inveloped them in.
    Your article couldn't have been better timing for me to have just read my precious frined. Get the pryer lines going as I feel so sick to my stomack it is terrible. My heart has had another piece verberally disected out by the use of the most unruy memebr in the human body that satan uses the most: the TONGUE!!!

  4. Linda Kostin

    Sorry about my spelling above Pat. I’m so upset I didn’t even check it before posting it. Sorry honey pie. You know what I mean anyway. I should have used Firefox as it red underlines when making erros but msn doesn’t.

    1. Pat Post author


  5. Lloyd

    I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come over to my blog and check it out. God bless, Lloyd


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