It’s something to think about when death comes,and we know it will. The death of a family member or friend affects us differently. Just as it did Martha & Mary,Martha was like me when she heard Jesus was coming,she could not stay in that house! She was hurt,sad and mad that Jesus had not showed up when sent for him. I can just imagine how Martha felt,Jesus where were you and if you had been here,and just why did you wait this late to come.My brother is already dead and stinking ,where were you?? Oh mercy how we do go on & on with the questions!! When we’ve prayed what we consider to be a long time.We’ve waited & waited and Jesus still has not showed up yet! It’s all so familiar to Jesus,it does not surprise him at all the way we act,when we feel like surely Jesus could have fixed this by now! As I read these scriptures I let my mind wonder,putting myself in Martha’s place,that way I get a real feel for what’s going on! God is “awesome” and he cares for us  and loves us so much!!!  I’ve been here at this place of pain,doubt and fear,it does not feel good at all,but thank God he always brings us through! Then there’s Mary,remember she sat at Jesus feet taking in every word he said,while Martha was busy preparing lunch. Mary was calm,she didn’t move to the left or to the right! She calmly waited for Jesus. Mary had reached that place of “rest” promised to us! This is such a wonderful  word! When we reach that perfect place of “rest” we will not continue to question God,about  Where Were You  or What Took You So Long??? We to will be calm full of peace as we wait for what God has promised,I can’t hardly wait to enter that place of total “rest” in the Lord! The long wait paid off for Martha and other family and friends,they saw Lazarus raised from the dead. This helped others to believe and trust in Jesus,so will our waiting help others as they see us calmly waiting on God,and the answered prayers.

Love in Christ Pat

Jesus said  unto her,I am the resurrection,and the life he that believes in me,though he were dead,yet shall he live. And whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die. I love that scripture!

Scripture: John 11:12~25

11 thoughts on “WHERE WERE YOU?

  1. Viola

    Jesus knew what He was doing, didn’t He Sis Pat. I have to say that I am like Mary. I would have believed no matter how long it took Jesus to get there, everything would be alright, if that was in His will. Every time I hear this story it brings to my mind the time my oldest sister at the age of 11 was very sick, and the doctor told mom she had died, my mother and her sister fell on their knees and started praying. While they were praying my sister opened her eyes and ask for a drink of water. My mother had the faith of Mary. God is sooooooo awesome, yes He is, and I praise Him with all my heart. The same sister is 67 today and with God’s mercy and help she won the battle of cancer after the doctor didn’t give her much hope.

  2. cindyinsd

    A friend told me once, long ago, that God gives us the strength when He gives us the trial — not before, and not after, but when we need it. That’s always comforted me. It’s easy for me to let my imagination run away with me and worry about things that never happen, but God doesn’t give me grace to deal with ‘what if’s’, but only with today.

    If I say I’ll do well no matter what, that’s because I know His strength and grace are sufficient. Thank God I don’t have to depend on my own resources.

    Love you, Sis

    (Oh yes — wanted to let you know I’ll be moving my blog to http://www.journeyintotheson.com. That’s at the advice of people on that 31Days to a better blog thing I’ve been doing. I haven’t figured out the new site quite yet, but I’m learning.)

  3. Margaret

    Patty Ann,

    It’s quite something how we tend to think Jesus does not know or care about our problems every time our hearts are hurting….. Jesus knew ahead of time that Lazarus died, but He purposely waited, so that He could show the Jewish leaders that He was our promised Savior and the Lord of life.

    When we are beside ourselves with grief, Jesus cares and knows what is best…. He has promised to work all things for the good of those who trust in His saving love…. We can take comfort in that truth and let our hearts be calmed by His nearness.


  4. jhsketch

    Thank you for your post Pat!!
    God bless You!!
    I decided to trust the Lord and He last week gave us the biggest project we’ve ever had. And that after a year and a half of very little work.
    Thank you Jesus!!!


  5. LaShorne

    Thank you so much for this word of encouragement. Sometimes our thoughts are so focused on the problem, situation or circumstance that we forget to fix our eyes on Jesus. Our Father loves us so much. He knows the beginning from the end and everything in between. So although we may be caught off guard by what is happening around us, our Lord is NOT surprised. He already has whatever we need.

    It’s through faith and patience…that we receive…

  6. Bobbi

    At the top of your blog it says inspired by God. Well, I checked out this post and I have to say that is indeed the truth. I love it. I can sense the truth of God here. I will surely be back. And thank you for joinging me at Daily Grace. God bless.

  7. gladwellmusau

    Amen! We all need a testimony. I know the feel of Martha in my bones cause I have been there many times. But…I am asking for that place to rest. To being still and knowing He is God! God is faithful.

    Thank you, Pat and God bless you.



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