Scriptures: Matthew 6:32~Hebrews 12:6 ~Romans 8:35-38 ~Micah 7:20

“It Shall Come To Pass” You will show us your faithfulness and unfailing love as you promised with an oath to our ancestors Abraham and Jacob long ago. God is aware of all our needs even in our darkest hours,in our most troubling and misunderstood moments. God is still leading us through our most hearthbreaking and painful times.

“He is still leading us”.

As we continue “Trusting Him” He will surely get us to our destination in Christ. That place of quite rest, could it be that God is challenging your reasons for serving Him?

Can you still trust God if you don’t get all you are asking for? “Suffering” can be used by God to draw us closer to Him as well as drawing others to “Repentance“!

In your search to draw closer to God count the cost. Jesus paid a “Great” price to set you “Free”, what are you willing to give up or go through in order to draw closer to your “Saviour”?

Healing is more than just physical. As you grow and learn who you are in Christ, you’ll  experience (healing) through peace, joy and total trust in God – That is our most needed healing because when sickness and other forms of suffering come, we won’t be all tore up with fear and doubt. And when we don’t get what we’ve asked for, when we think we need it.  This healing  peace ,joy will  keep us as we trust God for he really knows what’s best and when to answer.

Love In Christ Pat


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