Lately I’ve been reading through some of my post,and the theme seems to remain the same,suffering through pain & heartches.I thought why? Then I said to myself it’s okay because we really go through test everyday. Some small and some that seem huge.Take for instant you’ve slept well all night you’re  all charged and ready for the next day,or so you think.Just as you’re fixing a big breakfast all wide-eyed humming even,then you hear Mom where is my sock? Mom where is my other red shoe? Dad is yelling who is riding with me get ready let’s go!! Meanwhile you’re running around trying to find things. As soon as you pop back in the kitchen,the big breakfast you’ve planned is burning!!! What will you do?  I tell ya I’ll start screaming to the top of my lungs,find it yourself!  Now you see the tears start to fall from your kids eyes and your husband looks as if he’s about to fall apart. And the pain and shame is written all over your face. What will you do? Well I’ve learned through experiences like these,quickly apologize ,and don’t beat yourself up. Even though the flesh and the devil want you too,it serves no good purpose at all.Jesus walked through this earth in clarity,peace and love and when he got angry he did not sin. And so can we,as we continue to yield to the Holy Spirits nudges and his still small voice.Paul said he learned, he learned in whatever state he was in to be content.As we stay in God‘s words  we’ll learn to be content and how to control our anger.It’s all through Jesus Christ he has traveled here before, and we can to only with his steadfast help,”HALLELUJAH”.

Scriptures to help: Isaiah  45:6,7 Just knowing that God has ordained our every step gives us peace.

Philippians 4:4~11  Rejoice in the Lord because he is always going to take us to the other side wher peace abides.I’ve learned to look up scriptures on suffering and read them over & over so that when trials come the Holy Spirit will lift up that standard of help we need.

Love in Christ Pat

2 thoughts on “WHAT WILL I DO?

  1. Viola

    Sound like my house in the mornings now that Krystal is in school for the morning part. I started playing praise and worship music in the mornings and that helps to settle down the kids restless spirit, and puts them in a good mood. It also lifts my spirit too. Your post is awesome Pat as always and I will once again say AMEN!


Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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