Here I am once again needing your prayers,I am so lonely and I really don’t know why,yuck. Days like these sometimes linger on,but I thank God for you all and the encouraging post I’ve enjoyed today.It could be the Holidays that’s getting me down,they don’t mean much to me any more. And others seem so excited and happy this time of year, and I’m dreading the days ahead. I have a nephew that I dearly love,and he’s been hooked on crack cocaine for years. And I do pray often for him,but changes are slow,we cannot force anyone to change. We just have to keep praying,seeking God and trusting his timing. But all of that is hard right now!  I hate pity parties but I’m in the midst of one. God said he would never leave or forget me,and of that I am sure,and still I am so very sad right now! The last couple of days I have not slept well at all ,and all of that is a factor I’m sure.Well it’s 11:45 here and I’m not sleepy yet, but when I do go to bed I hope I sleep all night. I hope you are feeling well and ready for the Holidays,if not you’re not alone, as I’m sure ,I’m not either.I love to write so I’m just doing it,it makes me feel a little better. Just keep me in your prayers please,and I do appreciate you.

Love in Christ Pat

3 thoughts on “Prayer

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  2. Jennifer Arnold-Delgado

    Hi Pat, You just keep talking, every time I see one of your posts, it’s just what I need to hear, like when you go to church and the preacher is talking straight to you, two things, one, my wonderful friend Jill has a site called COLOR MATTERS and her blog has so many fascinating facts about color theory and practical, you will enjoy it. And second, I just went to the health food store today to get magnesium, and the lady takes it at night to help her calm down to sleep. I am not a health practicioner, but maybe it could be something that helps you rest. My holiday is also confusing, but I have always noticed something, these holidays have a life of their own, it’s like there’s a party at “Turkey’s” house, and we are invited, stuff it up, bake it well, and pour lots of gravy. I was joking with Miguel that I was going to make a mini thanksgiving, with one little cornish hen, mini sweet potatoes, and baby corns. And put it on my little coffee table. The picture of that just made me laugh. Have a wonderful holiday, I am thankful for your posts. Your sister in Christ, Jennifer


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