Jesus is Coming

Love in Christ Pat

9 thoughts on “Jesus is Coming

  1. Jennifer Arnold-Delgado

    It is true, we have to get ready, and we have to help and share and pray, especially for those who don’t know him. Thank you Pat for your steady uplifts. Jennifer

  2. tonirand

    So much sooner than we think!

    Technology is hastening His coming. Just think how we can minister to others across the ocean using a computer!

    Thanks for the reminder, Pat. Lord, I pray we’ll be ready when You get here.


    1. Pat Post author

      How true that is Ann!!! And he is using us greatly to spread his word and loving kindness all over the world,it’s mind blowing to say the least.I do so thank God for all he is doing to reach his people,for we know it’s not God’s will that anyone should perish.
      Love you Ann πŸ˜€


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