God Is For Me

Exodus 15

19 The angel of God that had been leading the camp of Israel now shifted and got behind them. And the Pillar of Cloud that had been in front also shifted to the rear.20 The Cloud was now between the camp of Egypt and the camp of Israel. The Cloud enshrouded one camp in darkness and flooded the other with light. The two camps didn’t come near each other all night.21 Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea and God, with a terrific east wind all night long, made the sea go back. He made the sea dry ground. The seawaters split.22 The Israelites walked through the sea on dry ground with the waters a wall to the right and to the left.23 The Egyptians came after them in full pursuit, every horse and chariot and driver of Pharaoh racing into the middle of the sea.24 It was now the morning watch. God looked down from the Pillar of Fire and Cloud on the Egyptian army and threw them into a panic.

25 He clogged the wheels of their chariots; they were stuck in the mud.
The Egyptians said, “Run from Israel! God is fighting on their side and against Egypt!”26 God said to Moses, “Stretch out your hand over the sea and the waters will come back over the Egyptians, over their chariots, over their horsemen.”27 Moses stretched his hand out over the sea: As the day broke and the Egyptians were running, the sea returned to its place as before. God dumped the Egyptians in the middle of the sea.28 The waters returned, drowning the chariots and riders of Pharaoh’s army that had chased after Israel into the sea. Not one of them survived.29 But the Israelites walked right through the middle of the sea on dry ground, the waters forming a wall to the right and to the left.30 God delivered Israel that day from the oppression of the Egyptians. “And Israel looked at the Egyptian dead, washed up on the shore of the sea”,31 and realized the tremendous power that God brought against the Egyptians. The people were in reverent awe before God and trusted in God and his servant Moses.

It’s so amazing to me the things God has done,he has proven himself over and over.Encouraging us to keep our faith in him. God is still able to keep and protect us as he did his people many years ago,”Hallelujah”! When God is for you,there are  no reasons to be afraid for he will always show up for us. What a time of praise as the Israelites  watched their enemies wash upon the shore! That just gives me so much hope,knowing that God is also able to defeat my enemies with his tremendous power. I will not be defeated because God is for me and if you’re born again God is for you. If you haven’t made that choice, let me encourage you to come into relationship with Jesus Christ,our great and true Saviour. God’s Word is true and so very encouraging,I love this true story of God’s rescue of his people.

Love in Christ Pat

3 thoughts on “God Is For Me

  1. Margaret

    Hi Pat,

    The crossing may have been scary for the Israelites, but they really were safe in God’s almighty hands…. That’s the way it is with us…. We might be afraid as we live in God’s ways, but we are safe in His almighty hands.


  2. Ann

    Thanks for sharing Pat.

    I like this quote. : “That just gives me so much hope,knowing that God is also able to defeat my enemies with his tremendous power. ”

    Thankful for His hand of protection around me. Thankful that His arm is not short to save.

    I’m glad I’m on His side 🙂

    Blessings, Pat

  3. Pat Post author

    Hi Ladies,I do appreciate you and your sweet encouraging comments. It is truly wonderful to know we are always safe in his everlasting arms!
    Love you 😀 😀


Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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