I am sure that every one have days where you seriously wish you’d never been born.O don’t get me wrong I love the Lord,yes I do,but yet and still I have my days. I know,I know all of the things I’m not suppose to say or do,yet and still I have my days where I’m like Jesus really where are you with my help,you made me these great promises,but now I just cannot even see or hear because this is one of those “Days”! Days come and go,days make weeks and months,and still I wait. There are some days Jesus where it really seems to me you can do more.As a matter of fact I know you can do more,I thank you Jesus for allowing us to vent.I know you understand these days because you lived here fully human,yes. I often wonder Jesus just what you’re doing this day,when I’m feeling so alone and afraid.Jesus these days make me feel numb,down and all alone. Even though I know you’re aware of all that is going on in my life,these days Jesus are hard to take. Not having enough of any thing it seems,and still I wait. For even in the midst of my painful day I know you’re here with me for you promised never to leave me,nor forget me and that truth gives me comfort.I’ve learned that through all of our days good and what we call bad,Jesus is there.It just seems as if he’s not because of the darkness pain and depression can cause.Yes no one understands our days as Jesus our creator does for he knows us inside out “Hallelujah”! And that is a reason to shout,there is nothing better than an understanding friend when you’re going through and Jesus is that friend.Many of our brothers and sisters are suffering in silence because they’re afraid to be real,scared of being put down by other Christians. It’s time for us to be real because these days we’re living in now the devil is throwing his best punches,and we must be caring,kind,patient,and long suffering with each other,while remembering just who brought us through and in great mercy.

Helpful Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:5 2 Corinthians 12:9 Romans 8:37 Romans 12:9 ~12
We must show more love because we know what hour it is and our Salvation is closer now than when we first believed.
Love in Christ Pat

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14 thoughts on “Days

  1. Fredrick Nichosoun

    Its great to be honest with the Father. He already knows how u feel anyway. He said come into me and I’ll give you rest. Let’s just be honest. Stay in faith and trust Him.

  2. Margaret

    Hi Pat,

    You described the feelings that can haunt us so well…. There are a number of Psalms that also describe anxious waiting times for our Lord’s rescue…. Then there is Hebrews chapter 11 that describes the hardships and pains of so many of God’s children waiting for prayers to be answered…. It’s the last two verses that are striking…. Hebrews 11:39-40 — “And all these, having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised, because God had provided something better for us, so that apart from us they should not be made perfect.”

    Many of the mentioned people were tortured and killed for their faith, but they kept their faith and gained God’s approval…. It’s amazing.


    1. Pat Post author

      Thanks Margaret for bringing out what I tried to point out I do appreciate that,and the scriptures you mentioned are right own point!
      Love you and thanks for your encouraging comments.

  3. pbus1

    Hi Pat,

    Like you, I do believe we all have our days, as you described. Sometimes it seems that God has us in a holding pattern, which is a difficult place to be in! We know all of the right Scriptures, and we know how to get a prayer through, but sometimes we tire of waiting. Be encouraged, Pat. God knows what we have need of, even before we ask anything of Him. He may not come when we want Him to, but He is an on time God! You are right. Jesus will never leave you, nor forsake you. God bless you.


    1. Pat Post author

      Thank you Paulette you’re so right God don’t come when we want him to,but he is always on time,so I wait,
      Love you

  4. Ann

    Thank you, Pat…

    “Many of our brothers and sisters are suffering in silence because they’re afraid to be real,scared of being put down by other Christians.”
    I grew up learning to hold things inside. I didn’t always speak my mind – especially not to God!! These days I’ve learned about the concept of relationship with Him and it has made such a difference. I’m learning to speak my heart to Him even when the thoughts are painful.

    Thank you for sharing this with us. God bless you. Praying alongside you.


    1. Pat Post author

      Hi Ann
      So good to hear from,and I’m so happy you’ve learned to be totally open with Jesus that’s what he wants and for us to be honest with each other.But God knows he has work to do on us in that area because of how we’ve been mistreated so long by others,but God can do it Amen.
      Love ya

    1. Pat Post author

      Hello Jan
      Thanks for your visit and your comment,I hope you’ve been well and I know you’re still doing your beautiful sketches have a wonderful day.
      Love you 😀

  5. Jackie Paulson Author

    My life changed once I let the Lord into my daily life in 1990. He understands us as we are, moods and all. I just wish sometimes he would Guide us with Sign Posts that Stand out. Waiting upon his answers.


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