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That’s the trouble with these things we cannot seem to get it right.
At Paulette’s Blog  http://wp.me/p15UQx-14C there is much information on suffering from different painful diseases
do visit when you have a chance.Paulette is a dear friend that I meet a few months back and we do enjoy each others company.There is no need to suffer in silence others are going through the same things,and in some cases even worse pain and suffering.But when we stand together and help each other it makes life a little better,I suffer from Osteoarthritis and Fibro and these two cause me much pain and depression. I have many different medications to help but you do get tired of the pills lol. Being able to vent really helps and having someone that cares and understands is a wonderful help.I love my Saviour Jesus Christ he has brought me through many rough days and nights Amen.I hope your day is good and that your treatments are working  well. There are also a lot of other situations we go through that cause us pain stop in here:http://kerioutsey.wordpress.com/rising-cinder/ when you have a chance.


Love in Christ Pat