This is a picture of my Son at work I’ve watched him do this just once,it’s really scary  to see him up that far. Well over the weekend God showed out for him,can you imagine having a tree this big coming back in straight at your chest here’s my Son’s testimony,

‎” i’m no saint by far….nor T.D. JAKES….but let me tell you how i know PRAYER WORKS…follow me…..yesterday i shudv bn dead….im up in a 80ft gum tree…bout to cut a 40ft top out…as i made my back cut to throw da top out…da wind shifted @ was pushn da top back towards me…mind you it weighd roun 1000lbs @ it wudv crushed me in half…i kept praying for GOD to hold it til i gtta rope in it @ da guys on da groun pulld it ovr wit a truck!! now you tell me ….aint GOD GUD “Don

even in today’s text and talk you should be able to get the message. God is still doing wonderful and great things. And I praise Him for keeping my Son safe “Hallelujah”!

Psalm 61:3 For You have been a shelter for me,A strong tower from the enemy.

Philippians 1:6 Being confident of this very thing,that He who has begun this work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.

My Son is a babe in Christ and I thank God for all He is doing and proving Himself to him and to others who will believe. God’s  protection is amazing for He has done more for us through Jesus Christ than we can understand here.

Love in Christ Pat

20 thoughts on “Protection

  1. Fredrick Nicholson

    God is Awesome Gus principles work for whoever will use them. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been saved! Reminds me of an Alvin Slaughter song which says “you are my shield, my strength, my portion, deliverer; my shelter, strong tower, my very present help in time of need” Glory to God!

  2. Pat Post author

    Amen Fredrick how very true that is,it does not matter for God never sleeps and He is always watching over us and I am so grateful! When I think about His goodness and all He’s done for me and for us,my soul cries out “HALLELUJAH”,HALLELUJAH,HALLELUJAH”! Thanks for your support Fredrick I do so appreciate you 😀

  3. Viola

    The hair on my arms stood up as I felt the power of the Holy Spirit run through my body while reading your son’s story, Pat. God is so awesome, and He will do just what He promise us in His word. His angels are all around us to protect us, and Jesus holds us in His arms. This is amazing and what I call a miracle. We are going to see and hear of more and more miracles as time gets nearer and nearer before Jesus comes back. I am praising God and doing my happy dance giving Him all praise and glory for what He did for your son. Love and Hugs Vi

  4. Pat Post author

    Hello Vi
    I am joining you in a happy dance for real! Vi I too believe we’re going to see and be a part of more and more miracles. My Son didn’t call me like he did when he got saved while in the top of a tree,God brought him down to his needs as he gave his life to Jesus. Thanks for your visit and continued faithfulness Vi I do love you my friend.

  5. Ann


    I am happy this is the way the story ended. I bless the Lord with you!! I cannot imagine…. I don’t know how I would have managed but God is good! I know He has a purpose for your son’s life. We trust Him to fulfill His perfect design for his life.

    I will be praying for you now more than ever!!


    God, you are awesome and mighty and worthy! You are our Strong Deliverer and I give you all praise and glory for the way you kept our sister’s son safe! There is none like you! Thank you for the testimony He has brought to you. I pray that those who read/hear it will have another reason to trust You. You are Sovereign Lord yet You are concerned about every detail of our lives. Thank You!!

  6. pbus1

    Hi Pat,

    I’m rejoicing and praising God along with you! I thank the Lord for covering your son, with His precious blood! I love the way he praised the Lord, and how he shared his testimony with others! Our God is an awesome God, oh yes He is!


  7. Linda Kostin

    Wow! Praise the Lord Pat!! Wow !!! I remember when I was just a babe in the Lord well over 30 years ago when a 900 pound quater horse went right through the window of the car I was sitting in as a passenger!~ The story is to long to share right now; but to make it short: I should not be alive! The scripture that was given to me was how God shleters us under His wings and how He gives His angels charge over us etc . Psalms 91 that I have marked in my old bible ( that has fallen apart ) to this day from way back then. Praise the Lord that He is no repector of man nor shows any partiailty. His promises are true for the babes in Him, somewhere in-between in the Lord; – as well as for the elders. he even rains on the unjust! Someday mankind will stand before Him and see all that He has done for them our of His great love.

    1. Pat Post author

      Heyyy Sweet pea so good to see you finally got to leave me a comment,I love it! Yes you’re so right God loves and watches over us at all times.
      Love ya 😀 😀

  8. Pat

    Hi Paulette I sure do love and appreciate you and your support and thanks for rejoicing with us,it sure is time and O yes our God is awesome.
    😀 😀 Love ya

  9. Debbie

    Wow, Pat! Thank you for sharing this testimony of your son’s. May many read and be drawn to the Lord who saves! I am so so thankful for what God has done in his life, and so thankful that he has you for his momma! Is it okay if I pray for him a different job? 😉
    God bless you as you praise and lift His name today!
    love and prayers!

  10. Pat Post author

    Hi Debbie thanks for your visit and your lovely comment,and yes do please pray for him to get a different full time job,he said he’s tired of this one plus his knees has started to bother him.Oh Debbie I hope many read his testimony and turn to Jesus also,he has it on Facebook so many will have a chance to read it. I’m just so thankful for God protecting him!!
    Love you Debbie 😀 😀

  11. robinb333

    Hi Pat…A very inspirational post! And I must commend your son Don on sharing his experience/testimony with us. People really don’t stop to think just how much protection God provides for us. Don is a walking testimony to this! Thank you so much Pat for sharing this and thank you Don for inspiring others….Bless you both.

  12. pat

    Hello Robin and thanks for stopping in and for your encouraging comment,you are so right we tend to forget that it is God keeping us and not we ourselves. Have a wonderful day Robin and I’ll see you soon.
    Love ya 😀


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