Or the faithfulness of God,who is Mephibosheth? Well he could be you or me? How are you feeling about yourself today? Is this a blog of questions today?  Not  Really .It’s bright and early and as I was lying there thinking about myself,and the thoughts were not good! God does not get pleasure or glory out of us putting ourselves down-no- he does not! I’ve been suffering again with pain and much stiffness in both of my knees,and it seems to be getting worse. I asked a couple of sister’s for prayer which is good. We’re suppose to bear each other’s burdens-yes. As I lie there God started showing me a picture,as we know we cannot share these things with everybody,because even some of our brother’s and sister’s will throw us in a well! Does that statement remind you of anybody(Joesph).There are times when the things God share are so huge our little human minds just cannot grasp them. That’s where I am now!  God showed me how everybody had forgotten about “Mephibosheth”!  God  never forgot  Mephibosheth  and he will he ever forget us. Yes now you remember him,he was Jonathan’s son who was crippled by his nanny,when she fell on him,while getting him to safety ( 2 Samuel 4:4) . This is so good,as God is giving me what to write I can hardly stand it,and I know God is blessing you. Just listen to Mephibosheth in (2 Samuel 9:8)  even  though David has given him much encouragement,he still calls himself a dead dog. In all that we go through there is nothing that can keep the promises of God from us. I can hear some saying sin does,sin can separate but God forgives and restores,read your  Bible. “Hallelujah”!  David,King David said  Ziba you take care of this and that(read it 2 Samuel 9:9).  Please read this slowly and let it sink in,  King David  said “Mephibosheth” is coming to live with me in the palace”!  Can    you   imagine,    I mean in your wildest dream can you imagine God blessing you this way. Yes I can because God is good and he is great.Just imagine who  God is  speaking  to   about  you,  R-I-G-H-T now. This is mind -blowing good,as I jumped up to get this word down,God is reminding me did not I say you’ll reap in places that you did not  sow.  “Hallelujah”! I am pondering the things of the Lord and holding on for his answers.  Great is God’s faithfulness ( Lamentations 3:23)   Psalm 89:30 ~33   God’s promises will never fail, ( Lamentations 3:21  Yet I still dare to hope,when I remember this  the unfailing love of the Lord never ends!  Our Heavenly Father is lifting my head and my spirit. I’m like Oh God my Mother is gone and my daughter is disabled,who would take care of me ,and I am continually reminded of God’s faithfulness. And I wonder who God is talking to about me,oh I know he is. I love you and remember God loves you more.

Love in Christ Pat

9 thoughts on ““Mephibosheth”

  1. Fredrick Nicholson

    My sister you make our Daddy proud. Keep giving Him the praise for He inhabits the praises of His people. And where He is no sickness, disease, or pain can dwell. I don’t know how He’s going to do it, but your deliverance is at hand. Be healed and be blessed!

    1. Pat Post author

      “Alright now”! Hallelujah! Thanks so much my dear brother for that encouraging word,and I do receive it in Jesus name! I do appreciate your support so very much.
      Love you brother 😀 😀

  2. Ann

    Thank you so much, sister Pat

    “I am pondering the things of the Lord and holding on for his answers. Great is God’s faithfulness”:

    Amen. Amen and amen!! ( I am running with this today!)

    Praying He will grant you the desires of your heart.


    1. Pat Post author

      Good morning Ann,I am so glad to hear from you and I am so happy you got the good from the post that God had for you! I am so excited about all that God has planned,I hope as you hold on to God’s word your heart is made glad all day!
      Love you much 😀 😀

  3. Debbie

    God bless you, precious Pat, as you jump up when He speaks to you, and you praise Him when the pain is great, and you joy in the journey and you know He is speaking to someone right now on your behalf . . .that He has good in store for you. He has not forgotten! love and prayers! You bless me big!

    1. Pat

      Good afternoon Debbie,yes after some persuading LOL! some days are better than others.I’m learning to obey,it’s best.Thanks once again for your encouragement I do appreciate you.
      Love you 😀

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    1. Pat Post author

      Hi Kevin,thanks for your visit and I totally agree with you,if I can reach one person for the Lord it’s well worth all I’m trying to do here.
      Love you brother 😀


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