“Praise Report”

Well once again God has did as we expected as we prayed! “Hallelujah” I’m feeling very well and all of the pain is gone! Just some minor soreness nothing like I was dealing with before surgery. The doctors and nurses were very kind and they took very good care of me,so did my family and friends. I do so appreciate all of your prayers and your friendship,let’s continue praying for each other and especially the unsaved. Jesus is coming back a lot of people don’t realize what’s really going on in the world now.But we know God is setting the stage for his Son Jesus Christ to break through the clouds any day now,and snatch us up out of here! I thank God for the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ,and his blood has been applied to the mercy seat for us that believe. Thanks once again for your needed prayers and I hope your weekend is wonderful.
Love in Christ Pat


21 thoughts on ““Praise Report”

    1. Thanks Ann and how very true “Our God is Greater”!!! Yes Amen let’s “Celebrate Jesus”!!! There is none like our Saviour,no not one!!
      Love you πŸ˜€

  1. Hi Pat,
    It’s so good to read from you again. I was not aware of your surgery but God knows, God cares and God heals all our pains and so-called ills. I am thankful this moment that you know who to call – the paiin-BUSTER. God is mighty and His power radiates through everyone. You are blessed and a blessing and the Light of perfect health now energizes and stimulates your entire being. Close your eyes and focus on Feeling the living, moving, vitalizing power now as it moves through every living cell and fiber in and around you.

    1. Hi Ethel so good to hear from you and oh yes,our God is the “Pain Buster”!!! I like that and that is what he did for me I’m free of the constant pain!!
      Love you and thanks for your encouragement πŸ˜€

  2. God is soooooo good, yes He is!! So happy that the Lord has shown Himself strong, once again!!!!!! Praise God!!! I’m happy for you, Pat! Blessings!

  3. I’m doing the happy dance! πŸ˜€ Thank You, Jesus, for your love and healing and power, for taking such good care of our precious Pat!!! You made my day, sweet lady! God bless you more and more and more! love and prayers!

    1. Thanks Debbie I feel your joy!! God is so good,and he just showed out in answering our prayers once again.I’ll be “Happy Dancing”!! soon when it’s stronger O yeaaaa!!!
      Love you πŸ˜€

    2. I want to thank GOD for keeping me blessed financially. I was in a bad situation and I ask God to help me and he did. I have also had some problems with my relationship and GOD intervened. I know he will keep working on and with us. Please keep us in your prayers and remember that the works of him are wonderous and real. Thanks so much.

  4. Our God is awesome. I am. Sooooo praising our God for your complete healing. He is great and greatly to be praised! Hallelujah!!

    1. Hello Fredrick,yes indeed our God is “awesome”!! Thanks for your prayers and for rejoicing with me my dear brother.
      Love you πŸ˜€

    1. Amen my sister amen!! Thanks so much for stopping in and I’m so happy the post was a blessing to you!
      Do have a lovely evening Desiray.
      Love ya πŸ˜€

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