Change is not easy I already know that and I’m sure you do too. Oh I do not like changes but I am sure they are for our good,and for the good of others. I’ve learned and I am still learning that God’s word is true,his ways of doing things are so far from what we want and what we think we need. I know when ever changes come into our life and we consider them bad,we want relief and we “want it now”! If relief is not quick enough some other bad boys show up,doubt and fear. They work well together I’m telling you,just in case you hadn’t noticed. It’s only been a week since my surgery and can you believe,I’m complaining already! I have been praying  moreI tell ya.For some strange reason I just knew I’d be better by now,yea right, O silly me LOL!! As I’ve said many times before I know God has a big sense of humor. He just has to have because I’m his and I need so much more work! God is truly awesome and so very kind and patient. I got so tired after my doctor’s appointment and several other stops by the time I got home my knee was huge,and very painful. Then the thoughts start coming you’ll never be the same,look at you you can’t do this and that,and right now it feels like that. But I know we walk by faith and not by feelings. Regarless to what fear and doubt try to bring I’m holding on to Gods word because that’s where my strength comes from. Do keep praying for me,the pain is nothing close to what it was before my surgery. I must relax and take it slow as my  doctor said it’s slow but it’s coming,it just seems so much more than I can bear.But I know that’s not true for God knows how much I can bear.The doctor said it will take a while for full recovery,but you know we’re so much  like that commercial “I want it now”! But our Father moves in his own way and time while teaching us important lessons.Thanks so much for your prayers and continued support.

Love in christ Pat

Scriptures I’m holding on to.

Joshua 1:9
9 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”(NLB)

Isaiah 41
10 Don’t be afraid, for I am with you.
Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you.
I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.NLB)

32 thoughts on “Change

    1. Pat Post author

      Thanks Vince I am so glad I blessed you and you bless me every time you stop in with your beautiful smile. I hope you have a really good evening.
      Lov ya 😀


    An awesome work of art you have here, thanks for sharing and do continue to allow God to use you to manifest the reality that you desire each day of your life.

    1. Pat Post author

      Thank you Pastor Davis for your lovely comment and wonderful encouragement. I’ll visit you soon!
      Love you 😀

  2. Pat Post author

    Hello Bro. Pat, Charlie and Tom and Pastor Davis thanks so much for your visit and I am glad you enjoyed the post.
    Love you 😀

  3. pbus1

    Hi Pat,

    Hang in there, my sister! Sometimes slow and steady wins the race! Look up, because your help is already there! Jesus won’t leave you nor forsake you! Keep on holding on to God’s unchanging hands! This Scripture came to mind: “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 Love you!


    1. Pat Post author

      Oh Yeaaaaa!!!! I love that scripture and that’s what I’m praying for renewed strength and more favor! Thanks Paulette for your love,friendship and wonderful encouragement!!
      Love you much 😀

  4. Ann

    Hi SIster Pat

    “Regarless to what fear and doubt try to bring I’m holding on to Gods word because that’s where my strength comes from.”

    Continue to practice self-care as you rest in Him. Keeping you in my prayers.


  5. Indi

    Pat stay encouraged. Rest in the joy of the Lord. Allow the peace of God to surround and consume you. I love this. I love Isaiah and the Psalms. Great stuff

    1. Pat Post author

      Hello Cristal so good of you to come in and I’m so happy you enjoyed the post,thanks so much for the encouragement I sure need it!!
      Love you 😀

    1. Pat Post author

      Thanks Pastor J. I sure need them,pain is a mess,and it can also cause change LOL! I want to stay in God’s will and not be angry or depressed. The pain now is not constant but it gets bad at times,and that causes the Fibro to act up uggggg!! Our God is a great keeper and comforter!!
      Love you Pastor

  6. Debbie

    God bless you , precious Pat, as you wait on Him for a fuller healing, with time and care. I can be so impatient with myself. I need to get over stuff before it even happens to me. haha! So asking Him for patience for you and lots of love and tender care. You are going to get there!!! love and prayers!

    1. Pat Post author

      Hello Debbie thanks so much for your visit and for your sweet comment,I do appreciate you and your loving sense of humor “Love it”!! Yes I’ll get that and I’ve started to slow down instead of trying to rush my healing,silly me LOL!!!
      Love you 😀

    1. Pat Post author

      Thanks Ann that means a lot for today is my “Birthday”!! And I usually post it but not this year LOL!!!
      Love ya 😀

      1. Ann

        Thanks for letting me know 🙂

        Happy Birthday!

        Praying Papa will pour out a special dose of peace and joy on you today!


  7. LaraMar

    I do agree that God does have a huge sense of humor.
    Naturally, I’m a complainer. My mother can bare witness to that.
    God has a lot of patience, I’ve realized, to put up with me as well.

    God bless you!
    And May He make you whole!

      1. Pat Post author

        Hi LaraMar,I’m doing better I have some down days and this is one of them LOL!! I’ll feel fine then just burst out to crying,and there is no need in me trying to figure out why-right. Because we get the answers from his word,thanks for asking.

      2. LaraMar

        I don’t know how it feels to be in your situation. But, I do know people that have been through things like this. One of my uncles had cancer in his throat. He’s still going through certain treatments. And I know he doesn’t always feel too well. But, people don’t understand that.

        Many people might think that God sends them sicknesses but I don’t believe that. However, I do believe that He allows certain things to happen to us. I’ve also learned and am learning that it’s also a waste of time to ask why and just trust Him.

        I still don’t know exactly why my grandmother spent the last years of her life in bed. I have a theory of why but I don’t know 100%. However, I’m confident that she went with the Lord.

        I’m glad that you feel better today.
        I will pray for your swift recovery.
        God bless, Pat! He’ll NEVER, EVER leave you! You can be sure of that. ^___^

      3. LaraMar

        That’s alright! I guess plenty of people might mistaken LaraMar as LaMar or something like that…actually, my name is Maritza and my last name is Lara, hence LaraMar…I use it when I do business.LOL!!!

      4. LaraMar

        Well, let’s see if I can help you out on that… Ma-reet-sa…the “r” in my name must be rolled a bit…then it’s La (like lalalala) and Ra (as in the Egyptian God Ra except that the “r” is also rolled. Heheheheheheh! I live in Puerto Rico…been living here for 22 years, I believe after 6 years living in Japan.

  8. Pat Post author

    LaraMar I’m sure we would be best friends if we lived near each other!! I love your sense of humor,we all could use a good laugh from time to time. We go through so much,but God is here with us!
    Love you and have a good night it’s 10:12PM here.


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