We are reminded daily of time,most of all there never seems to be enough of it.Especially when it comes to something we feel we just have to do. But have you noticed how time flies when it comes to doing God work,we make one excuse after the other,I know I’m guilty. But I’m trying to do better. In Ecclesiastes 3 we learn that there is a time for everything,God has blessed us with enough time to do the things that’s needed. I wonder why we feel like we have to please people,we waste so much time doing it. And yet we continue running trying to do what everybody else is doing. Father help us to realize our calling and help us to spend our time wisely,doing the things you’ve already designed for us to do.Amen

It does make a difference what we do each moment of our day,we tend to think only big things count.That’s not so with our God he knows time is precious,and he knows how much more time we have here. So let’s put our feet to doing what’s pleasing to God,and loving and helping others is very important. When God brings someone to your mind don’t brush it off,take time to check in on that person. We never know how reaching out to others in our path will help them,and us,because we are a blessing to each other. So today remember there’s a time for everything ,a season for every activity under heaven so let’s pray and get busy.

Psalm 90:12 ESV

So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.

Love in Christ

18 thoughts on “Time

    1. Pat Post author

      Hello Vince I’m so glad you enjoyed the post,and I am also getting started ! tell ya technology is something,I had my post in preview and saw where it had 4 views wow!
      Love you much brother 😀

  1. Ann

    Thank you, sister Pat!!

    “When God brings someone to your mind don’t brush it off,take time to check in on that person.”
    What a confirmation!!!

    I was just speaking to my friend (who’s name is PAT!!) about someone God laid on my heart to intercede for, and the fact that I did not immediately respond. I prayed afterwards, but I felt a little ‘guilty’ for having delayed.

    Thank you so much for reminding us to get on the ball right away!


    1. Pat Post author

      Hi Ann,thanks so much for your comment wow! God is awesome,and I started to trash this post before I even finished,God is good and he knows what we need to move forward.
      Love you much 😀

  2. Debbie

    Pat – because I work 15 hours days and am 1000+ miles from friends and family, I see all those moments as a prompt to pray – short prayers, ‘breath prayers’. Thank you for this lovely post.
    I just received a post from you 4/24/12 entitled test – but the post was empty. Is that how it was supposed to be?
    love and God bless,

    1. Pat Post author

      Hello Deb,mercy,I know you have to be tired 15hrs. a day whew! Thanks so much for your encouraging comment,yes short prayers and breath prayers God hears our every prayer “Hallelujah”! Yes I should have let everyone know it was just a test LOL!! I had help getting Zemanta back to working.
      Love you 😀

    1. Pat Post author

      Heyyyy Terra you’re so right,I do not want to miss what God has for the people he’s given me to reach. I want to see many,many.many others get saved,and we are planting seeds every time we post.
      Love you Terra 😀

  3. Debbie

    Oh Precious Pat . . .you sure said a heart full right here and it went directly to me like I was a bullseye! I have time issues. haha! But would I or should I, if I listened closer to Him and did the things He was asking me to do, instead of all the things I thought I was suppose to do? Hhhhhmmmmm. Thank You!! And God bless you and all the time He gives you! love and prayers!

    1. Pat Post author

      Hello my dear friend,I know I commented on your post LOL!! but where is it LOL!! Thanks for your honest heartfelt comment and surely if we’d listen and move when God says so instead of doing all of the things we think we should do,wonderful thought.
      Love you 😀

      1. Debbie

        I just read this, sweet one . . and I’ll go hunting for it! I’ve found my wonderful blog friends in the spam section at times lately. “Time” for a search and rescue effort. haha! love you!

  4. pbus1

    Thank you so much Pat! It’s definitely time out for squeezing God in at the end of our day, and saying a quick prayer just before drifting off to sleep. We need a word from Him, all day, every day. Again, thank you for this thought-provoking and heart penetrating word! God bless you!


  5. jelillie

    This is really good Pat. It’s not about what people call upon you to do. It is about the calling of God. We do spend so much of our time running after the things which are frankly other people’s business and should be left to them. I am constantly learning more about this!

  6. Pat Post author

    Hello Pastor J.,thanks so very much for adding to what the Lord has shared here with us.God is impressing upon my heart also,the importance of doing things his way,and just as he says. It’s not easy either because of this flesh and our love for sin.I’m going through right now,but just look how God is blessing through this post. Thanks so much Pastor for your encouragement.
    Love you 😀


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