Praise God Stella is home once again! Thank God the blood clot broke up into many pieces before reaching her heart or lungs. Of course she has a long ways to go,it’s hard being out of your comfort zone. So if you don’t mind please pray for Stella to humble herself. I love my niece so very much and if I was able I surely would take care of her. Stella  and I were raised together LOL! and we have a lot of fond memories,I’m so happy about that. I plan on calling her often and I did today,she sounds so good. That gout is giving her a fit,and she cannot have to much pain medicine it bothers her stomach and kidneys. I’m not giving up because I know God can “Hallelujah”!! I thank you once again for your continued prayers.

Love you all


21 thoughts on “Update

  1. Debbie

    Joining you, dear Pat, and praying for Stella and family, for healing and salvation. Praising Him for how He is going to show Himself strong on their behalf! love and prayers!

  2. jasonbee98

    Hi Pat. I will pray for her. I think I may have a product which can help her. It’s called Laminine. It has helped 2 of my friends who had cancer (one was prostate, the other lung), and has helped a friend who had high blood and high cholesterol. My 2 friends who had cancer are now cancer free and their tumors have shrunk to insignificant sizes, while my remaining friend mentioned has normal cholesterol level and blood pressure. These are all within a month of taking Laminine. I get less but better sleep, more energy and alertness, and better mood all the time.

    It’s not a miracle drug, but a stem cell enhancer that nourishes your stem cells and promotes stem cell replication and your body’s natural healing process.

    You can visit http://www.mylifepharm.com/jasonbee98 to know more about it. If you have any questions, you may email me at jasonbee98@hotmail.com.

    May God bless you and Stella!

  3. Viola

    I too will be praying for her healing and savation Sis Pat like you ask. As we all join in prayer and agreement may the Lord work miracles in her. There is nothing too hard for God. Love Sis Vi

    1. Pat Post author

      Hello Vi! I’m so glad to hear from you!! I think of you often,thanks for your prayers. Stella is coming along well,when her daughter called last Thursday I thought my niece was gone. But God had other plans and He answered our prayers
      Love you 😀

  4. jelillie

    Sister Pat I am putting this song to play now and going to pray for your niece. PLease let me know how this prayer is answered!
    Your Friend,
    Pastor J

    1. Pat Post author

      Thanks Pastor J.! Stella is coming along good her doctors said,blood pressure down she is on the road to healing.Please pray for Stella to hear God’s voice and for her salvation.
      Love you Pastor J

    2. Pat Post author

      Thank you Pastor J. it seems as if I did already LOL! I’m so tired,but so happy that my niece is doing better,I’m steady praying for her to hear God’s voice and to obey. The old stuff of the flesh leads to death,but God said he’s not willing that any should perish,and I want her to have true repentance. Thanks so much Pastor J. and the song is beautiful I got it from another blog.
      Love you 😀

  5. Ann

    Hello Sister Pat

    I’m so sorry I missed this post, but I will pray in agreement with the other readers.

    I am thankful that He has already answered the prayers we haven’t even prayed! May His peace be yours today and always.

    Praying for you, Stella, and everyone who has been touched by this incident.


  6. Sebastian

    Thanks for the update Pat! I placed Stella’s name on the prayer list for my blog…I appreciate God so much for His faithfulness towards us! God bless you and your family! –S


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