Where Is That Dreamer?

Dreams are like promises,especially Godly dreams.The things God has promised you were not meant to be shared,with

English: Josephs Dream, as in Genesis 37:9–10,...

English: Josephs Dream, as in Genesis 37:9–10, illustration from the 1890 Holman Bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

some family and friends.Jealously will get you into a lot of trouble,as it did for these brothers,they had to have nightmares because of all of the lies. Joseph‘s brother’s hated him,first because their Dad favoured him.Then because of all of  all of the dreams,they were sick and tired of little brother and his dreams. Your dreams when they are from God cannot be stopped. The brothers were ready to kill “The Dreamer” but God had  other plans.God is always watching us and nothing,not one thing  can happen to us unless God allows it. I love this story,Joseph just will not stop sharing his dreams,and it’s hard for us also.Especially when God has made big promises to us we cannot hardly wait to tell someone. We can learn some lessons from Joseph,here’s one,even if you end up in a pit or being torn away from your loved ones,God has not forgotten you. God has promised to never leave nor forsake us,and he want! It had to be rough being sold into slavery by your own family,I can only imagine what Joseph must have felt. Even though Joseph went through many hard places before his dreams were manifested,he did not give up,and neither should we. God kept his dream alive,and whatever you’re facing now,don’t let your dreams die. God is more than able to bring them to past! In the end  the family did have to bow down to Joseph,they had also learned some lessons about trusting God. Get into the word it builds your faith Genesis 37 and 39 good reading.

English: Joseph made ruler in Egypt

English: Joseph made ruler in Egypt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Love in Christ Pat


8 thoughts on “Where Is That Dreamer?

  1. Desiray

    Right now I am re-reading the book of Daniel and as I am reading it there are times I wish I could interpret dreams. I know the Lord speaks through me in my dreams and some times I get revelations but other times I don’t until much later.

    1. Pat Post author

      Wonderful Desiray! In time I’m sure God will clear your dreams up,He is not finished with us yet and the best is yet to come.
      Love you and thanks for your visit and comment. 😀

      1. Pat Post author

        And it’s so good to know that with things in the world looking so out of control!!
        Love you Pastor 😀

  2. Debbie

    So much encouragement and wisdom in this, precious Pat! I do think sometimes it’s best if I just hold something that He’s given me, a dream, close to my heart. If I share it with the wrong people, it can get torn up some! God bless you, and your dreams, and all the ways He is fulfilling them in your life! love you!


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