Situations and Circumstances

God will allow us to go into some deep and dark places “Whew”! Where we cannot seem to find any peace.But,God will never leave us there! The situation or circumstance you’re in right    now God has allowed. And even though you don’t like it or understand praise 1it,and want out “Now”! God can and will make it all work out for His Glory and your good. Sometimes other Christians will come to you with well meaning scripture, but it’s just not the word you need at this time and place in your life. No matter how painful and confusing this place is. it is where God wants you for now. I’ve learned and I’m learning it’s more important to obey God than man. When you know you’ve heard from God, regardless to how the situation or circumstance looks. Let nothing and no one move you from what God has promised you ! Every bit of this is necessary or God would not have allowed it.


1 Peter 1:6  Hebrews 10:35,36   Wait on the Lord patiently!

Love in Christ Pat

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3 thoughts on “Situations and Circumstances

  1. Debbie

    Oh precious Pat . .. Thank you. Thank you for listening to Him and being right where you are at, believing Him and holding onto His promises to you. You help us to do it too. God bless you!

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