Final Destination


Sharing another post I wrote years ago ,I hope it’s a blessing to you.

Matthew 8:18
18 When Jesus saw the crowd around him, he instructed his disciples to cross to the other side of the lake.
Jesus told his disciples we’re going to the other side of the lake,Then Jesus went to take a nap.Jesus knew the storm was ahead and yet he went to sleep! I totally love this picture Jesus is as calm as can be,as I should be when the storms of life arise.Jesus did not have any fear or wondering about what to do! The storm hits the boat and it’s being tossed up and down from one side to the other.Waves are pounding the boat and yet Jesus is at rest,what a beautiful picture! On the other hand the disciples are frantic with fear,even after all of the miracles they’ve seen Jesus do,they panic.Just as we do,even after all he has brought us through,we panic in the midst of the storm. It’s as if our brains are defected the way we tend to forget what Jesus did yesterday to pull us through. Even though we know Jesus has given us peace and a way out before,still we doubt. I praise and thank God for the Holy Spirit and the way he speaks to me.Our trials and tribulations are not permanent ,thank you Jesus and they are working for our benefit.We must learn to listen to God,and not our flesh or the devil.God’s words are full of power,and when he says we’re going to the other side,that’s what he means.There is nothing here,nothing in our pass or present that can stop our Final Destination,which is heaven.
Scripture: Matthew 8:23~27
Isaiah 43:1~3

Heavenly Father help us to settle down and keep looking to you,knowing that you’re in the boat with us and that you will get us safely to our final destination.No mattter what we endure here.Help us Father to be calm in our storms and give you praise for you alone are worthy.Amen
Love in Christ Pat Thacker

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