My heart truly goes out to all of the Family Members who lost loved ones in the senseless killings by Police Officers. I cannot even imagine what they are going through as yet another Black Man is killed. What oh What will it take for our eyes to be opened ! If it were not for the Lord who is on my side,I could not handle any of this. Jesus sees,He knows and He cares Hallelujah!

In the midst of the sadness,anger and so much confusion I thank God He is the reason I can yet Praise Him

Love in Christ Pat

I am not Invisible

Can you not tell
I am different from you
But I Am not Invisible
Look at me and
maybe you’ll see
I Am not Invisible
My Ancestors were
treated miserably
And til this day
You cannot see
I Am Not Invisible
I am a black Man
With hopes and dreams
Look at me I am
Not Invisible
We are different in
So many ways and
Yet our hopes and
Dreams remain
Because God created
Us we deserve the
Same respect, peace
Compassion that
You’ve enjoyed for
Many years
I Am Not Invisible!
Written by :Pat Thacker

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