fear 1Sometimes I’m unhappy and confused!
Sometimes I’m down right disgusted!

Sometimes I feel so misunderstood!

Sometimes I just want to be left alone!

Sometimes no one can help me!

Sometimes loneliness overwhelms me!

Sometimes I don’t even understand myself!

It’s one of those days where sadness just lingers! I know that God loves me but,I’m still sad,disgusted,and just discouraged. As a Christian,some think that times like this never come,but they do! And what shall I do?? Will I just crawl into a knot and cry? Yes! Will I even answer that phone,it could be help on the other in? No! I’ve heard others say many times it’s good to let someone know what you’re going through! No! That may work sometimes,but usually when you do that everybody and their Mama will know,so I’d prefer to just talk to God.Because he knows me best and he want put me down or tell everybody! Sometimes the things we go through causes us much sadness,and really praying is the only thing someone else can do,if you go that route. Okay so I’m having a really bad day,and writing is something I love and it helps me feel better! All being said and done,I must keep trusting God,there is no other choice for me. God has brought me through to much for me to turn back! And God alone is the truth,so I’m staying close to him knowing that this too shall pass! And keeping in mind that the best is really Yet to come:”Heaven”!

Romans 8:16 Is also a good reminder: I consider that what we suffer at this present time cannot be compared at all with the glory that is going to be revealed to us.

Faced with all of this,what can we say? If God is for us ,who can(successfully) be against us? “Totally Victory” is still mind right now!
Love in Christ Pat
Repost from 2009

11 thoughts on “Sadness!?

  1. Tishrei

    Aww Pat, one thing you are so right about, it is only God that we can 100% trust. That being said, He created us so that we need each other. We are to pray for one another and I will pray that the Lord lift your sadness.

    I am glad that you shared because now I know how to pray for you.

    And you never have to worry about turning back (as you said in your post). Here’s the thing, the work that God starts in us will always be finished because it is God doing the work. If it was us, then yeah, we could be turning back but God always will finish what He started.

    I do pray for a blessed new year for you!

  2. Jingle

    Pad, I share the same feelings you have,
    loved those “sometimes”,
    awesome post,
    fantastic new settings!

    Happy new Year!

  3. Steve

    I’m praying for you Pat. You know, just like you said, even Christians go through sad times.This Christmas our two sons did not come by our house, one said he had to work, and the other is upset about something, and will not talk with us about it or even anwser our phone calls.
    I know when I’m around them, Jesus always comes up, and I talk with them about Jesus, and maybe they can’t handle this, I don’t know. But with that said,I’m not going to stop talking about Jesus!
    They will be 32 and 35 years old this month, time to grow up, right?
    This devil (satan) tries his very best to get a strong hold on all of us during our sad times. I don’t know what all your going through, and I don’t need to know, I know now that I just need to pray for my hurting sister, and I will.
    I’ve been depressed over this all week, and really for months now, cause I knew it before Christmas.Please pray for me also, I think depression has set in over the last three or four months, all I do is stay home, and this never leaves my mind.
    God bless

  4. Charles Flemming

    I’m so grateful we don’t have a God who doesn’t understand or feel with us, but one with whom we can be honest about things. Sometimes this world is a painful place to be. We are aliens and strangers here. Our bodies, more at home here than in heaven, are part of fallen creation, longing for resurrection and restoration.

    God knows how we are made, because he made us. He knows we are dust…

  5. Margaret

    Patty Ann,

    You have beautifully expressed the feelings of God’s children down through the ages….. And, every one came to the same conclusion as you did….. Go to God and unload all your burdens on Him, because we can trust His love and He alone is faithful…. He alone is able to help.

    I thought of how the apostle Paul sadly wrote that everyone had left him — and he was in prison at the time….. I thought of Moses when all the people wanted to stone him — he laid all his woes before the Lord….. I thought of Elijah, hiding alone by the brook — he could only turn to God for help….. And, we cannot forget the apostle John in exile on the island of Patmos — he could do nothing but trust in the love of God, and he even wrote those beautiful books on God’s love at that time.

    So, how right you are….. There are times when we must turn to God….. And, we realize that He has been near us all that time while we were fretting….. Jesus understands our lonliness because there were people that left Him and He was even betrayed onto death….. In these times of solitude with God, we learn the peace that passes all understanding….. Then it’s time to praise His name!

    Kid yourself not….. We all have these times, because it is God making us grow in His true faith….. Thank you for this post.


  6. william

    hello Pat, beautiful poem, rich with imagery and truth, you write similarly to myself, refreshing, loved your poem, please pop over and have a read at one of mine, would love to get your thoughts xx

  7. denisethornton7

    Hi Pat…today I was kinda in a ‘blue funk’ myself. I like to write it out myself sometimes. I started off my day with my mind made up. I just didn’t feel like blogging. Then while I was thinking about all my reasons for not wanting too….I started too. For some reason the old saying “sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees” came to mind. I started writing about how God put’s us in the forest for a reason…so we will appreciate the trees.

    Whatever you’re going through is gonna make you stronger, wiser and grateful it didn’t kill you…this too shall pass! God has His Hand in all of this. Everything’s gonna be alright. Be blessed.


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