Mark 5:25 And there was a woman in the crowd who had a hemorrhage for twelve years. She had suffered a great deal from many doctors through the years and had spent everything she had to pay them,but she had gotten no better.In fact,she was worse.

Can you imagine what this lady must have  went through!! It had to be bad,not only her scent but her strength. I mean she was tapped out and in worse shape,the doctors could not help her. Now she’s sick and broke.And back then she was not even suppose to be in public in her condition.But I tell ya when things get bad enough you’ll try almost anything,but thank God someone was talking about Jesus (vs 27) She had heard about Jesus.Not only did she hear,but she believed and started moving toward him!  She came up behind him through the crowd and touched the hem of his garment. Now she had to “get down” to touch Jesus,for the hem is always at the bottom of garments. This woman was desperate and she was going to get the help she needed.After all nothing else was working!!!

How about you? Where are you now? Are you ready to “get down”? If you will humble yourself and pray,and be real with Jesus you will hear from him.For after all God has given us his best,his only Son.So surely he will not hold back the help you need,also remember God knows your real needs. And keep in mind her great results (vs34)  And he said to her,”Daughter your faith has made you well.Go in peace.You have been healed”.

For without faith it’s impossible to please God,or touch him.And if you haven’t gotten your answer “yet” keep believing .

Love in Christ Pat



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  2. Viola

    Amen to that my friend. I wouldn’t know what I would have done these past few months if it had not been my faith in Jesus. I love Him so much and give Him glory and praise for all things. I am sorry for not emailing but I have been going through a lot these days. But you remember I love you very much and I pray for you and your family every day, and your brother- in- law. How is he doing?

    Love Vi

  3. Pat Post author

    Thank you Vi,he’s doing better some days still praising God for all he has brought him through.I understand I love you so much also 😀 😀

  4. Margaret

    Patty Ann,

    God’s answers are always the best because they teach us faith, hope and love…. All things are possible for our Lord. 🙂

    And, His love on the cross proved it….


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  6. Queen Karen

    Very encouraging. I surely have heard about that sweet name Jesus. Still trusting and believing he’ll work things out in my life and with you all. God bless you always.

  7. Betty Jo/ The Journey

    Sister Pat I have so much to be Thankful for, I can never forget the healing of what God did on my own body. Would not be here today if wasn’t for my Jesus. This is always beautiful when I read about this beautiful woman. Thank you for sharing this with us. God continue Blessing you in your journey. ((Hugs)) Amen!! Amen!! \0/


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