Down in the Dumps

Even though we are faced with this “monster” depression,we are never alone,God is and will always be with us! We must keep our minds renewed in God’s word,knowing that no matter what God will bring us out. God has forewarned of these times we now live,and he said men’s hearts would fail them because of fear, and the things that’s coming upon the earth will cause much fear. But we his children have many promises to stand on,and knowing that God’s word is truth gives us much hope! The things going on and coming will bring many to “Repentance”, and that’s what they’re meant to do,as well as draw us closer to God. I give God “Praise” for his goodness and “Great Mercy”!!!! God’s power to restore us and keep us is “Awesome”! Joshua 1:9 Isaiah 41:10 “Don’t Be Afraid I Am With You.

Love in Christ Pat

8 thoughts on “Down in the Dumps

  1. william

    Hi Pat..

    being a sufferer of bi polar disorder I can relate to your dilemma, it doesnt or wouldnt matter if you were the pope, if you have the blues you have them, we just have to bash on, keep smilin and welcome back….

  2. Margaret

    Patty Ann,

    How very well said!…. All throughout God’s word are accounts of being depressed over many different situations….. Each account then shows how God’s child had victory through faith in our Lord….. God gave us feelings…. They are a natural part of our being…. Faith in our dependable Savior helps us to see and understand that God is in control and we can trust Him to work all things for our good in the end.


  3. Tishrei

    Hi, the bible is replete with God’s chosen going through these trials and depressions. What makes us think we are any different?

    The difference is that we have hope, we have brothers and sisters to care and pray for us — but we are not immune to the trials and emotional responses that come with it.

    Great post.

  4. Patty B

    Perfect for today = we are studying about the two witnesses and how they were under God’s protection prophesying in the last days and like them we have nothing to fear knowing we too can stand in confidence under trial and persecution because we are under God’s protection. Reading His Holy Word indeed gives us strength and hope – my prayer for those suffering depression that they find the peace of God that will give them the hope they need to stand confidently facing their fears, worries and trials.


Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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