What Are You Looking For?

 What are you looking for?
Are you looking for a friend
that will walk with you until the
What  are you looking for
Do you need a healer
with all power in his
What are you looking for
Is it a comforter who
loves and understands
What are you looking for
A deliverer that can change
those old habits
and make you brand
What are you looking for
Is it a miracle worker
just when you need
What are you looking for
If it’s a precious caring understanding Saviour
with all power in His hands
Who still heals the sick today and will totally
deliver you and set you free.
And make your life shine
for others to see
Well you can find all of
And more in me,Jesus.
John 1:38 ( a)
When Jesus turned and noticed them following Him,
He asked them,”What are you looking for?
Love in Christ Pat

19 thoughts on “What Are You Looking For?

    1. Pat

      Thank you so very much and I hope you enjoyed your Birthday!!! Forgive me for not getting back in time,I appreciate you very much Eshha.
      😀 😀

  1. Pat Post author

    Thanks so much and I love you,if you don’t mind could I have your first name or a nickname if you have one.

      1. Pat Post author

        Thank you very much Eshha,I’d love to know how to pronounce your name he-he I’ll check back.

      2. syriondethvow

        Haha. That would definitely be difficult for me. Well, it’s pronounced more like Ishha. The “E” is actually the “I” as in Ink or India. 😛

        And sorry for the late reply. 🙂

  2. Pat

    Got it!! Thanks Eshha and have a wonderful day,we’re in a heat wave in South Carolina,thank God for air condition whew! 😀

    1. Pat Post author

      My,my I was wondering who sent me such nice gifts? Oh I received them quite awhile ago ! Thank so much! Let’s keep in touch 😃😃

  3. wearechrists

    Dear Sister in Christ, Your devotion is beautiful and those who need The Savior, would benefit greatly from your step by step personality and promises of our Great God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Very to the point and beautifully laid out. God bless you Pat for your love and heart for Jesus! You are a true blessing my Sister. paul montoya

      1. wearechrists

        We need to be encouraged in today’s world. You truly have a gift from God my Sister!

  4. wearechrists

    Reblogged this on wearechrists and commented:
    Please read a very descriptive life any one can have. Pat has insight from One person that you really want to get to know. Especially if your life seems somewhat empty, or you think you have everything. Take a couple of minutes and you will be glad you read Pats blog.


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