When I think about how Awesome my Father is It blows my mind!

Before He created anything He knew me-He knew me! I was with Him and in Him Before


Before I was on His mind in His heart spirit and soul

Before I was with my great and awesome Creator He knew  me and He chose me

He called me Before

I can imagine Him kicking the ground and using the dust to create the first man

I was there with Him in Him Hallelujah

How awesome my  God is even now He knows me

Among the billions upon the earth He knows my voice from all of the others

He knows me and loves me greatly He knows my every thought

Even Before I had a thought He knew me while the earth was dark and void and empty He knew me

It’s such a wonderful thing to be known by God and to know  His great love!wp-1457879516127.jpeg

Psalm 139  Ephesian 1:4  Romans 8:29,30

Love in Christ Pat

4 thoughts on “Before

  1. Viola Tabor

    Beautiful as always Pat. I join you in praising our awesome God. Not only did our Lord know us, he had our life planned out for us, and he knows how many hair we have on our head. How awesome is that?

    1. Pat Post author

      Amen Vi! I love you and miss you ! How have you been? Are you doing any more writing? I remember the good times we’ve had thanks for stopping in ! Happy 4th I hope you enjoy your day! 💫♥️♥️♥️💫


Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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