Our President

I love Our President and the First Lady.


19 thoughts on “Our President

  1. Me too, over on this side of the pond.
    I had a very encouraging comment on my blog, but when I checked, it came from an Obama hate-site ‘Christian’ site too. Aren’t we aweful to each other! I declined to approve it!
    I like your openness and delight in whatever God is doing.

  2. He’s an amazing person. And so is Michelle. It was really good to see them here in India, enjoying our culture. He is definitely an inspiration to many of us. Thanks.

    1. Hi Liz
      How true that is and we must seek God for his help when voting.I hope you have a good day and thanks for your visit.
      Love you πŸ˜€

  3. I stumbled on your site… I am not political- I am very sad and embarrassed how Christians are “stirring up the pot” by condemning our President whom the Bible clearly says to pray for and insinuating that all Musslims are terrorists . Thank you for spreading the LOVE of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    1. Hi B.J. I am so glad you came in,oh yes it is so very sad to see so many Christians disrespect God.How else could President Obama get in the White House if not by the hand of God. As sad as it is,it is true,they are still color blind,they just cannot get pass thinking they are better than every other race of people,so sad.Thanks for your lovely comment!
      Love you πŸ˜€

  4. They make a beautiful couple, I personally go back and forth with him as president but I would never bash him and I do pray for our leadership and I did vote for him. It wasn’t until after he was president that issues began coming up in my church and I still feel confused sometimes but your writings are hands down very inspiring. I know your there for me Pat and that means a lot. I’m learning so much about grammer and becoming a better speller lately. I’m so tired today.

    1. Thanks Kristy I do so enjoy getting to know you! I know there is so much dirt about our President but I trust what God’s word says,and if it was not his will he could not have won.God does everything for a reason,and He does not have to explain anything to anyone!! I’m glad you’re enjoying my sight πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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