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New WordPress

I see WordPress has changed I had a time getting my post just right but this one seems different so maybe I’m getting the swing of it hopefully

All of this block stuff and the font size changes I see every time I write LOL no emoji’s oh well, I’ll get off now I hope you enjoy your day and your Christmas now I’m looking for a way to add photos

Praise the Lord, I got it Wow now I don’t see how to make the font larger

Love in Christ Pat

On the Light Side

I’m not sure how many did pray for me,but I do know prayer works! I feel better than I have in a long time,and the swelling in my right knee has gone down.I love and appreciate you all so very much so do enjoy this little beauty my friend Paulette shared with me last night,or early this morning.We’ve become really good friends and we enjoy so much of the same things,it’s as if we’re joint at the hip LOL! Well I’m going now to make a big pot of coffee and curl my little hair.
Love you all and I hope your day is wonderful!



Just popping in to let you know that I’ll be offline for awhile,and I’ll jump in here to let you know when I’m back.Have a wonderful day and a lovely weekend! I’m at my sisters and I know there is no computer like your own,I hope this comes out find,but then I could go back and change it-right.Not today I’m just laughing at myself.I love you and will miss you for sure hope to be back soon,soon as my funds are right.Okay just wanted you to know I’m still amongst  the living.Since I’m near a computer I decided to fix my post.It’s the funniest thing the way it’s doing! Any who I just thought I’d give you a holler since I’m here at my sisters,Love you all and miss you 2! Thanks for your lovely comments,hope to see you all soon!!