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Jesus is such a precious,kind and understanding  Saviour we need to reminded often of his love.And of the truth that Jesus is still alive,Praise God and thank him for sending his only Son to die in our place and giving us great promises along with eternal life.

Love in Christ Pat

“Happy Easter”

I’m so glad that Jesus lives and therefore I have such hope for all of my tomorrow’s. Jesus does make a difference in my life,and he will in yours if you give him a real chance. I love the Lord because he first loved me and he chose me to be his,how wonderful that is. I cannot stress enough how important being in relationship with Jesus is. There is a day coming when we must leave this world,and it pays to be ready! Jesus has done all that’s necessary to give you new life through his Holy Spirit.. Now the choice is yours to accept or reject him,there is no middle ground. It is because of the Lord’s great mercy that we have not died in our sin.

Psalms 34

I will always thank the Lord;

I will never stop praising him.

I will praise him for what he has done;may all who are opressed

listen and be glad!

Proclaim with me the Lord’s greatness;

let us praise him together!

(v 8)     Find out for yourself  how

good the Lord is!

Love in Christ Flower

Because He Lives

Because he lives: I can face tomorrow,for he holds the future.
Because he lives: I do have wonderful peace,his peace not as
the world gives.
Because he lives: I do not live in fear,his perfect love
cast out fear.
Because he lives: Joy floods my soul,for he is my joy.
Because he lives: I’m not worried about any thing
for he supply’s all of my needs.
Because he lives: I am free,and all of my sins are
Because he lives: I am pleasing in his sight,for the
blood covers me.
Yes these are some of the benefits I enjoy because Jesus Lives! And I am so grateful,grateful to God for sending His only Son to rescue us. Jesus Christ is a wonderful,kind,merciful and loving Saviour and I’m glad I’m his.
Love in Christ Pat