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For many years

I walked around

with head bowed


low almost to the


I had no self esteem

for  the way others

treated me

But now I’ve  learned

some lessons

and I’ve learned

them well

I come from Royalty

and there is




being black

So now my head

is held high

For there is no


For me to be shy

I am loved

And when you know

it makes



Yes I’m feeling much better this morning as you can probably tell,and what I had on my mind

is what I’m writing about.It’s hard living in a world full of people and you feel you’re the least

thought about! But those things don’t bother me as much as they use to,and for that I thank God!

For I know that he loves me and that alone makes me happy! The King of Kings and the Lord of Lord’s Loves Me,little old  Me,He Loves Me!!

Love in Christ  Pat

Don’t Forget God

Psalm 137

English: Jerusalem, Dome of the rock, in the b...

English: Jerusalem, Dome of the rock, in the background the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Deutsch: Jerusalem, Felsendom, im Hintergrund die Grabeskirche (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1 Beside the rivers of Babylon, we sat and wept
as we thought of Jerusalem.t2 We put away our harps,
hanging them on the branches of poplar trees.3 For our captors demanded a song from us.
Our tormentors insisted on a joyful hymn:
“Sing us one of those songs of Jerusalem!”4 But how can we sing the songs of the LORD
while in a pagan land?5 If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
let my right hand forget how to play the harp.6 May my tongue stick to the roof of my mouth
if I fail to remember you. (NLT)

“O Jerusalem,O Jerusalem”!  While at home,Jerusalem represents home. Yes while at home we’re so busy sending text messages and emails until we barely speak to each other. Then there’s the time we must spend on Facebook and Google Plus,we’re just so busy. Then of course there is our smart phones,oh mercy if you don’t have one,you just feel out of the loop. Oh let’s not forget Twitter,I mean if you’re not Tweeting you’re really out of sync with today’s way of doing things. It’s really so easy to forget what’s important,when you’re so busy doing so much. At first we just start missing our time in the word,then we look up and we’re missing more and more time in Church. We hardly have any time for Bible study,we’re so busy doing things our way. I mean it gets to the point where we’ve really pushed God out of our lives,it happens slowly,so we barely even notice we’ve slipped away from a wonderful closeness to God. God  is so good and He allows us to enjoy much,but when you look around like the children of Israel  and see how far you’ve fallen,what then? The children of Israel were lamenting over the good they enjoyed at home,now that there sinfulness had caught up with them. We cannot forget God and think that there will be no consequences or repercussions,because sin carries its own punishment . Here they find themselves sitting by the rivers weeping,being tormented by their captors! It has to be hard,being dragged off to a foreign country leaving your comfort zone behind. Their captors demanded a song,the good old songs you sang at home. But there was no singing going on now,but even in a hard and difficult place,we can sing. Especially when we remember to whom we belong,repent and turn back to God. Let’s  listen and pay attention so that we recognize God’s voice,before we get into Babylon.

Love in Christ Pat

“I Am ,Your Great Deliverer”

The Israelites Leaving Egypt

The Israelites Leaving Egypt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exodus 12

11 In this manner you shall eat it: with your belt fastened, your sandals on your feet, and your staff in your hand. And you shall eat it in haste. It is the LORD’s Passover.  Get ready and go.

Are you ready for your  deliverance,God gave the Israelites specific directions concerning their deliverance. I do believe God does the same thing for us,but as I said in my earlier post “are we listening”? The freedom you’ve prayed for and waited so long for. The children of God in Egypt had cried out to Him and waited and waited, for their deliverance then    1 The LORD said to Moses, “Yet one plague more I will bring upon Pharaoh and upon Egypt.  Afterward he will let you go from here. When he lets you go, he will drive you away completely. ( Exodus 11)

Just one more thing, I’ve got to do,just one more thing then you’re free! I love it. God is so awesome! What can God have planned for you and me. It makes me take a closer look and I’m asking God to fine tune my ears. I do not want to miss what’s in store for me,how about you?

Love In Christ Pat