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Update on Pain

I am so thankful to all of my friends and followers,I thank God for you and all of your prayers. I can hardly wait,I went in Friday getting all of the paper work done and all  of my questions answered. My knee surgery is scheduled for the 22nd,and I am so ready! Vickie assured me that the pain I’m going through now will be over,please continue praying that it will be. It’s been pretty rough at times but God is always here with me sending you with encouragement just when I need it. I love and appreciate each and everyone of you! I hope your day is filled with peace and joy! The surgery is minor I’m told by my doctor’s and this describes it.

Arthroscopy is done through small incisions. During the procedure, your orthopaedic surgeon inserts the arthroscope (a small camera instrument about the size of a pencil) into your knee joint. The arthroscope sends the image to a television monitor. On the monitor, your surgeon can see the structures of the knee in great detail.

Your surgeon can use arthroscopy to feel, repair or remove damaged tissue. To do this, small surgical instruments are inserted through other incisions around your knee.

Love in Christ Pat 



The peace that the world offers is very conditional,because as soon as something is not going our way,then there goes our peace.But there is one who promises peace and his peace is good regardless to what is going on around you! His peace will keep you when troubles come,when everyone else is falling apart,his peace will keep you settled,while waiting on his answer. This other peace will keep you when the boat is “rocking and reeling”! I love and enjoy having peace,as I’m sure you do also. Fretting and doubting only causes more pain and stress,while you’re already in the middle of a difficult situation. Where you maybe wondering is this peace that can keep you in the midst of any storm? Here is where I get peace,lasting powerful peace:( John 14:27) “Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Do not let your heart be troubled, nor let it be fearful.(NASB)

I tell ya Jesus Christ walked this earth every day in perfect peace,and he has left this peace to those who believe. Yes Jesus is the peace giver,and he keeps us in the midst of our troubles,while we lean and depend on him. Jesus is longing to have a relationship with you,it is not his will for you to be fretting,sad,and full of doubt. He has given you a choice,remember Jesus has special blessings for those that choose to believe,trust and follow him.

Love in Christ Pat


Good morning

Let me stop this before any more feelings are hurt,I will not be excepting “any awards”! I’ve tried to explain that it’s to hard on me,I’m disabled and stress causes depression. Please understand where I’m coming from,I do not think I’m better than anyone else it’s just that I do not want to participate. Feelings have already been hurt and that I hate! So please do not nominate me for any awards,and please understand my point of view.

Love in Christ Pat