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Limits ,a set point that we can go and no farther. We were born in sin,which is a mess. God knows and sees us at all times,as this son in Luke 15:11. God will never forget us birds.jpg8even though we can easily forget him,God loves the unsaved as well as he does us that are saved. Boundaries have been set,these  points and places where Jesus Christ meets you as he did this son when his money ran out,so did his friends. It’s that way now for you even in your struggles you’ve tried everything and everyone except Jesus. And there he is in the midst of whatever you’re going through right now. This son took off to have a ball wine and women,just throwing one party after the next. I do believe that is what he was doing,that’s what I would have been doing back in the day,before Jesus got my attention,partying. Just like this Father he never forgot about his son,and Jesus has not forgotten you. This Father loved his son dearly you can tell when you read the whole story,this son had a ready word for his Father. But it was just as if he was not speaking, this Father was waiting and watching for his sons return. Jesus Christ is also waiting and watching for you to come to him. Boundaries were set for this son,for you see as soon as his money ran out,a famine hit the land. Whatever it is that has you all tore up is working for your good,even though you cannot see it yet. Jesus is right there,and he knows what it takes to bring you to your senses,for this son it was being hungry sitting in a stinking pig pen. What is it for you?  This son felt worthless,he felt unloved he was probably feeling like his Father had forgotten him. But what a glorious homecoming he had,read it!  Get your faith built up,so that you’ll know without any doubt  that Jesus is there and he loves you dearly,give your life to him. You may have backsliding come on back to Jesus he is waiting and watching for you to come! Don’t stay in your mess alone,because sin does cause your heart to be harden,you never have to be alone again with Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

Love in Christ Pat


I am sure that every one have days where you seriously wish you’d never been born.O don’t get me wrong I love the Lord,yes I do,but yet and still I have my days. I know,I know all of the things I’m not suppose to say or do,yet and still I have my days where I’m like Jesus really where are you with my help,you made me these great promises,but now I just cannot even see or hear because this is one of those “Days”! Days come and go,days make weeks and months,and still I wait. There are some days Jesus where it really seems to me you can do more.As a matter of fact I know you can do more,I thank you Jesus for allowing us to vent.I know you understand these days because you lived here fully human,yes. I often wonder Jesus just what you’re doing this day,when I’m feeling so alone and afraid.Jesus these days make me feel numb,down and all alone. Even though I know you’re aware of all that is going on in my life,these days Jesus are hard to take. Not having enough of any thing it seems,and still I wait. For even in the midst of my painful day I know you’re here with me for you promised never to leave me,nor forget me and that truth gives me comfort.I’ve learned that through all of our days good and what we call bad,Jesus is there.It just seems as if he’s not because of the darkness pain and depression can cause.Yes no one understands our days as Jesus our creator does for he knows us inside out “Hallelujah”! And that is a reason to shout,there is nothing better than an understanding friend when you’re going through and Jesus is that friend.Many of our brothers and sisters are suffering in silence because they’re afraid to be real,scared of being put down by other Christians. It’s time for us to be real because these days we’re living in now the devil is throwing his best punches,and we must be caring,kind,patient,and long suffering with each other,while remembering just who brought us through and in great mercy.

Helpful Scripture: 2 Corinthians 3:5 2 Corinthians 12:9 Romans 8:37 Romans 12:9 ~12
We must show more love because we know what hour it is and our Salvation is closer now than when we first believed.
Love in Christ Pat

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I woke up this morning with my mind on Jesus,but it was also filled with questions. God has made many promises and  we’re not seeing our answers yet. So I want to share a simple answer my Father gave me: Remember Martha? Then my mind drifted back to the scene where Mary was sitting at Jesus feet listening to him. But Martha was also listening,Martha was “multitasking” although she was not fully enthralled with Jesus,she was listening. And  this is the kicker Jesus seemed to be paying more attention to Mary,but he also knew Martha’s heart even though she seemed more concerned with unimportant things. Jesus does us the same way even when we’re enthralled with unimportant things,Jesus knows us and this is what he wants us to know our delays are intentional . You do remember all of the people who heard Jesus call Lazarus from the grave,well when they heard,when they heard, they heard first!!! Then they saw,we’ve heard and heard and heard but we have not seen Yet. But Jesus said your delays are just as important as your answers so “DON’T GIVE UP” I know  where you are and  what I’ve  promised  you. Your answers are coming it’s just a matter of timing.

John 11:1~5,14,40~44

Praise God.

Love you much