When I think about how Awesome my Father is It blows my mind!

Before He created anything He knew me-He knew me! I was with Him and in Him Before


Before I was on His mind in His heart spirit and soul

Before I was with my great and awesome Creator He knew  me and He chose me

He called me Before

I can imagine Him kicking the ground and using the dust to create the first man

I was there with Him in Him Hallelujah

How awesome my  God is even now He knows me

Among the billions upon the earth He knows my voice from all of the others

He knows me and loves me greatly He knows my every thought

Even Before I had a thought He knew me while the earth was dark and void and empty He knew me

It’s such a wonderful thing to be known by God and to know  His great love!wp-1457879516127.jpeg

Psalm 139  Ephesian 1:4  Romans 8:29,30

Love in Christ Pat


When You Rise

When you rise with the “Son” at the dawning of each day

Spread your wings and fly above this worlds unstable way

We are living in a time where trust is so rare; it’s causing so much confusion in the atmosphere

Kneel and pray as you live each day and allow God to lead you his way

We live in a world full of Glitz and Glamour where people are putting their life up for a gamble

The world has offered you a peek off he cliff and offered you the beauty you see as a gift

Then our hearts began to hunger for what our eyes did see and our minds are transformed into a sea of agony

We race so hard to consume this world’s beauty; we lose sight that God has called us to a duty

People are becoming so confused in their minds at an alarming rate; forgetting this world is just a temporary date

So many are looking to the world to bring them comfort and peace; with the world’s unrest all in the street

Let me remind you this world has nowhere for you stay; this is just a journey along life’s way

So what your eyes see one day they will see no more; the glitz and glamour and the great big roar

Rise each day with your faith and  focus so clear; so those you encounter will know Jesus is near

We can trust God regardless of where we are in of lives; because he is the one that made the awesome sacrifice

Don’t hang your integrity on the things of this world; hang it much higher to a place of love

When the world brings you hurt and pain allow his love to flow; open up your heart and let God help you grow

As the world offer us the glitz and the glamour; remember the cross the spear the nail and hammer

written by:


My niece is my guest writer  she will be adding post from time to time be encouraged

Love in Christ Pat

God Thinks of Us


God has this in mind

even during our test.

In the midst of our

trial we cannot seem to rest.

But the moment we realize

God is with us it eases our stress!

Trials can bring about a great deal of stress,especially  when we’ve set our mind on our problems

instead of staying focused on God. Our Father has planned no defeat for us but in order to benefit from his promises,we must keep believing no matter what’s going on in us or around us.God’s Word is the whole truth and we must keep his Word in front of us at all times,then we will enjoy his rest.

Remember: Jeremiah 29:11  For I know the thoughts I think toward you,saith the Lord,thoughts of peace,and not of evil,to give you and expected end.(Which is always good and good for us).

Isaiah 55:8  For my thoughts are not your thoughts,neither are your ways my ways saith the Lord.

God only thinks positive thoughts about us and he has planned for us to do good and enjoy life,while loving and helping others. God is awesome and I’m looking forward to greater things in the coming New Year,because he lives we can face tomorrow.

Love in Christ Pat

Because He Lives

Because he lives: I can face tomorrow,for he holds the future.

Because he lives: I do have wonderful peace,his peace not as

the world gives.

Because he lives: I do not live in fear,his perfect love cast out fear.

Because he lives: Joy floods my soul,for he is my joy.

Because he lives: I’m not worried about any thing

for he supply’s all of my needs.

Because he lives: I am free,and all of my sins are


Because he lives: I am pleasing in his sight,for the

blood covers me.

Yes these are some of the benefits I enjoy because Jesus Lives! And I am so grateful,grateful to God for sending His only Son to rescue us. Jesus Christ is a wonderful,kind,merciful and loving Saviour and I’m glad I’m his.

Love in Christ Pat




I will take your life
and twist it
Until you don’t
even know yourself
I will make you sell
all that you have
Just to feed me
I care nothing about
any race nor
Does it matter
who you are
You think you can
try me and leave
Me when you please
Haven’t you realized
that I am a destroyer
And I plan on
being with you
until the end.
Cocaine is a terrible drug and it has caused such havoc in so many lives,and it is so sad.Many truly think
they can try it and quit,but it’s a lie! Your only hope of continued deliverance is through the power of God,for with him all things are possible.
Love in Christ  Pat

Valentine’s Day

Oh that day for

candy and play

Once again it’s Valentine’s Day

Old love,New love

Cooing and wooing each other

like dove’s

Sharing sweetness,sex

and love

Flower’s,rings and candy


Trying to prove my

love is true.

This is all I have to sayDay.

Love Flower


All of this time I

hoped and believed you were


Now I find notes and phone numbers


And what makes it worse

it’s the same place

we lay  our heads

You hid all of this junk

in a place we loved and shared

our bed

Now for me this is where

the relationship must end

And no,I cannot be your friend.

Breaking up is hard but some people stay in a relationships  for  wrong reasons. I truly thank God for giving me the strength to get out,for we are not created for abuse!

Love in Christ Pat