A Little Something

Pat is beautiful
her smile melts ice
her family are lucky
to have someone who’s nice.

Her faith is in God
evident in her day
bless this lovely lady
is all I wanna say xxx

Written by : William Manson

I’m not trying to

ring my on bell

William is so sweet

and I think this

is so neat .

Thank you William and I appreciate you!  😀

You’re so warm hearted

and friendly too.  🙂

Love you all now out the door I must


Heading to the grocery

store.  😀


8 thoughts on “A Little Something

  1. william

    awe flower. how nice is this and your poem after it is BEAUTIFUL, just like you, I am thrilled, you liked your little poem because all I wrote was true, your very sweet, hope you get some sleep soon,take care and come over and read my latest post xxx

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  3. pttyann Post author

    Thank you Margaret and William and Tishrei! Love you all and I appreciate your comments!!! I’ll miss you while I’m trying to get things straighten out! 😀 I’ll be offline until futher notice.


Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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