Ignore Them

A leader of the  local synagogue, who’s name was Jairus,came and fell down before  him,pleading with him to heal his little daughter.”She is about to die”. (Mark 5:21~37 )   Jairus  had made a trip to see Jesus because his daughter was sick,we can easily identify with this sence. For we have problems that seem to drain the life from us,and when it’s a child of ours,it’s even worst heartache.But like Jairus we must know who to run too.Jairus’s  prayer was put on HOLD,because another prayer was being answered,how wonderful God is. As Jesus turned his attention to the woman with the issue of blood,what Jairus must have been going through? I can imagine much like us,what’s he doing? What’s taking so long to get to my daughter? She could be dead by now! We try to figure out what’s going on,when it seems just like we’ve waited long enough for an  answer.But God still knows best,for even though Jesus was dealing with the TOUCH of FAITH from this little lady. He did not forget Jairus’s request and neither does he forget ours,how awesome our God is! Just when your mind is already being strained from fear & doubt,here comes another word you could do without (  v.35) While he was still speaking to her,messengers  arrived from Jairus’s home,your daughter is DEAD! Wow Jairus must have been about to really go into a fit,like we do,I’ve waited and prayed all of this time.And for what now my daughter is DEAD! I can imagine the thoughts running through his mind,if you had not stayed here,my daughter would not have died!  But just like us Jairus didn’t fully recognize the POWER OF GOD!

Oh I love the come back Jesus uses here ( v. 36) BUT JESUS IGNORED THEIR COMMENTS! Jesus knew his Father and he had no worries at all. We also must  IGNORE THE COMMENTS  and believe what God’s word says. Jesus said to Jairus DON’T BE AFRAID,JUST TRUST ME. These same words are repeated over & over in God’s word DON’T BE AFRAID,JUST TRUST ME and when we do, God  will answer in his own way and time. So when you’ve heard from God,consider “nothing” anyone else has to say JUST TRUST IN GOD!

I love the Lord so much and I appreciate him leaving his word for us,and as we continue to stay in God’s word our faith will be built up.

Love in Christ Pat


7 thoughts on “Ignore Them

  1. Margaret

    Patty Ann,

    This is a most wonderful and true post!….. When other people laugh at us for looking to Jesus to answer all our prayers, we are to just “IGNORE THEM” because they don’t know God….. They don’t know God’s power or His love….. That is so sad….. We can be so glad because Jesus showed Jairus and us that all things are possible with God — even the raising of the dead….. Amen.

    Thank you for sharing this truth.


  2. Viola

    Praise God, I leave all my pain, sickness, and sorrow in His powerful hands, nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37 But He said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke 18:27) These are 2 of my favorite Bible verses.
    God can and will heal you! Excellent message of healing my dear special friend and Sister in Christ. You are a blessing to us all.

  3. Tishrei

    Great post!!! Sometimes God is doing something for a particular reason that in this linear world we live in, we just can’t figure it out. But we can wholly depend on God to do what is best for us.

    Thanks Pat for such a wonderful reminder.

  4. Jingle

    what an excitement to have you participant this week,
    let me know after you post your poem,
    I placed your link in already…

    Happy Wednesday!
    Get well soon!
    love you back, 😉


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