Mark 7:41,50  Jesus took the five loaves and two fish,looked up toward heaven,and asked God’s blessing on the food.

  And God answered in such a “great way”! There was more than enough . They all ate as much as they wanted,and they picked up twelve baskets  of letfover bread and fish. Five  thousand men had eaten from those five loaves!

  It’s truly amazing how God blesses us,God gives us more than enough,and yet we like the disciples quickly forget.We begin to wonder and doubt that God can handle this problem,now. I know that God is more than able to meet my every need,I know this. But when the pressures of life start to coming,it’s as if my Faith is gone. But God is Faithful in all of his promises,and he did not leave me,nor will he leave you.We must continue to cry out to God,for he understands.As his disciples were in trouble struggling in the midst of the storm,Jesus came to then walking on the water.Even though they were afraid,Jesus brought comfort and peace,Jesus spoke to them at once! “It’s all right”. “I am here! Don’t be afraid”! Then he climbed into the boat,and the wind stopped. What a “Mighty God” we have and he is more than able to help us now,and I do so appreciate my Saviour and his great faithfulness,for he always brings the help I need.praise

Love in Christ Pat

7 thoughts on “JESUS,MY HELPER

  1. Viola

    Hi Sis Pat, welcome back, I missed you and your devotionals. This is a wonderful and powerful one.

  2. william

    awe flower u were deeply missed, we thought about u every day, and your Lord has made it possible for u to again join us, superb, hope u are here to stay, luv u xxxx

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  4. Margaret

    Patty Ann,

    Welcome back….. It is good to trust in the Lord for all our needs and give Him the glory for leading us through this life….. We know we can do our utmost to always live for Him, because He will never leave us.

    Love, Margaret

  5. Jan

    Thank you, Pat!! for your beautiful post!!
    When I feel weak or alone or afraid or whatever, I look at the face of my mobile and it is there as a 24/7 reminder of a meeting: Depend on Jesus, not yourself!

  6. Pat

    Hello Jan
    I’m so glad this post was a blessing to you and what a wonderful reminder you have 24/7 and we sure enough need those reminders in these times we’re going through.
    Love ya 😀


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