There is no room for any of us to be boasting about anything,though sometimes we do.That does not make it right,for all of our good deeds can not set us free,nor do they set us right with God.Only our faith in the “finished work of Jesus Christ” Set’s us free and right with God .I truly thank God that he does not see us or judge us as man does,for if he did none of us would ever make it to heaven! God is good and he truly loves us, and Jesus in our heart is our righteousness, God has made it possible for us all to receive his righteousness,by faith.

Romans 4:1~3 What shall we say,then,of Abraham,our racial ancestor? What was his experience? If he was put right with God by the things he did,he would have something to boast about.But he cannot boast before God. The scriptures says,”Abraham believed God, and because of his faith God accepted him as righteous”.

God is not interested in all the things we try to do to please him,God wants us in relationship with his Son Jesus Christ,for this is “well pleasing in his sight”.

(Verse 7) Happy are those whose wrongs God has forgiven,
whose sins he has covered over!
8 Happy is the man whose sins the Lord will
not keep an account of!

Abraham had no reasons to boast neither do we,so let’s Praise God for his goodness,mercy and love.

Love in Christ  Pat

7 thoughts on ““Boasting”

  1. Marianne Lordi

    Hi Pat, One the greatest awakenings I have had is when I fully understood that anything I do that is good is done by Christ through me, it is not of myself. That is humbling and wonderful to know that the Creator of all has chosen ME to do HIS work! Who can boast?

    I read once something that put it all in perspective. The writer said that God is not obligated to bless anything I do UNLESS it is Christ doing it through me! Praise God that he wants to do things through me! Who can know the mind of Christ?

  2. Margaret

    It’s amazing how many people turn away from the happiness they could have in being forgiven by Jesus Christ…. Somehow, they insist on trying to find happiness by boasting in their own puny abilities…. Each day we have is yet another day to learn to accept His grace and forgiveness.

  3. Rachel

    Great reminder Pat! And besides do we really want to be judged by our works? Then why do we try and try and act like that makes a difference? It is Christ’s righteousness not ours – as we develop that relationship with Him, the power of His spirit follows through us and that is when the real work is done. And it is His work not ours.


  4. PAT

    Thanks Margaret and Rachel for your loving comments it’s so wonderful to know Jesus and his power working in and through us.
    Love you


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