Keeping It Real

Another post I wrote a long time back,please enjoy and I hope it’s a blessing .

As I was thinking about being a Christian,it came to me that the title Christian has changed today.For there are so many things going on that now being a Christian seems to mean nothing..And we as Christians have a lot to do with that,for years we’ve hid the truth from others while trying to act all perfect.And the real truth is as Christians we still do sinful things,and then call it and accident or mistake!Well you know as well as I do it is sinning,and others know it too.We should not be ashamed of our Testimony and “Keep it Real”,let others know where you are and where you’re going with the help of Almighty God.As Christians we tend to pick each other apart,because we think,well they’re not doing it just right.There are so many Christians afraid of talking about how they are really hurting and struggling,because they know if they open up exactly what will happen! And it should not be that way,we are to bear one an others burdens without making one feel less,we are told to do all in “Love”. I can remember when I was a baby Christian and buddy I went through it! So now I’m learning to be patient with others,”For God is not Finished with us Yet”! So to all of my brother’s & sister’s that are struggling to live right,just hold on God will get you to the place he want’s you to be,for he has promised Ephesians 3:20 To him who is able to do so much more than we can ever ask for,or even think of,by means of the power working in us. He can and he will do it,all of the changes you need.

Love in Christ Pat

8 thoughts on “Keeping It Real

  1. Wise Hearted

    Pat, love your simple testimony that shows how grace has impacted your life. I love Chuck’s Swindoll comment on our walk, it’s three step forward and steps back…thank God He bought that third step forward. Blessings.

    1. Pat Post author

      Betty thanks for stopping in and for your comment! I love him too,thank God for our steps are ordered by the Lord and the backward steps God can use “Hallelujah” God is Amazing!

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