I’ve found so very many Blog Post that I truly enjoy and a few that I just “peak” at and keep going,thank God for giving us the right to chose.That means if you don’t enjoy mine you to can “peak” and keep rolling.This is all so new to me so I decided to step out here again today just to see what I can get done,after all the reading I should be able to publish( lol) by now.Today I am just as happy as I can be and I am not at all ashamed of being a christian because Jseus is not ashamed of me,for I’ve learned that He loves me more than words can describe and I love talking about Him for He is the joy of my life!  Jesus is very kind & understanding His mrecy  toward & for us last for every,but we cannot take Him for granted for He has feelings to,and He wants our love because He made us to love not only each other but Him to. Jesus has been right by my side through all of my up’s & downs,not only by my side but living in me for I am His child. Jesus also longs to have a Relationship with you also for the same reason His love for you,after all He gave up His life in order to save yours Forever!  How wonderful is that for someone to die for you, Jesus though spiritual & human at the same time. Even though it may be hard to understand it is all true for the word of God said so, and God’s word has been around through many generations and it still has to be Excepted by Faith for our little small minds (nor well educated minds) can never recieve the things of God any other way But through Faith. Where does faith come from again God, He has given each of us enough faith to believe in Him and to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour-If that is your choice. Well there it’s done my Blogg,so now to publish-Please if you read or just “peak” let me hear from you I want to make sure my Bloggs are coming out .


Love in Christ

Thanks so much for your comments,I do appreciate you.

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