Jesus is my Saviour and I do love Him for He first loved me.It makes my heart so sad to know that there are so many people that want nothing to do with God at all,after all He has done to make sure that you can have eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ. So I along with all my Brother’s & Sister’s will keep praying  for your soul to be saved before you leave this world,for it is so very important that you be saved to escape the Horror’s beyond the grave!  Many people still do not believe that there is life after death,but it will all be clear when you die and get up in the very presence of the Holy God that made you and all we know and see. Then your decision want matter any more for it will be to late,so now while you have a chance do make the decision and get into  a Relationship with Jesus,for His love for you will Never change and He knows and understand you better than anyone ever can. Jesus is aware of everything you’ve ever done and yet His love for you is unchanged. But because He hates sin you will not be able to stay in His safe presence,and the only way to handle sin and be pleasing in His sight is through Jesus Christ.

Scriptures: Romans 10:-11~John 14:6~John 6:47~ Luke16:19-31~ 1 John 1:9

God loves you so.
Love in Christ

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