When I think about how Awesome my Father is It blows my mind!

Before He created anything He knew me-He knew me! I was with Him and in Him Before


Before I was on His mind in His heart spirit and soul

Before I was with my great and awesome Creator He knew  me and He chose me

He called me Before

I can imagine Him kicking the ground and using the dust to create the first man

I was there with Him in Him Hallelujah

How awesome my  God is even now He knows me

Among the billions upon the earth He knows my voice from all of the others

He knows me and loves me greatly He knows my every thought

Even Before I had a thought He knew me while the earth was dark and void and empty He knew me

It’s such a wonderful thing to be known by God and to know  His great love!wp-1457879516127.jpeg

Psalm 139  Ephesian 1:4  Romans 8:29,30

Love in Christ Pat



Love in Christ Pat


Just nothing much happening today which is a good thing,I’d rather have quiet days just to be able to enjoy all the beauty around me. For there is beauty everywhere,in the different neighbors that walk by,the birds singing,oh and the bee’s to fight off.So many colors to enjoy and it’s just a blessing to be able to see,the pretty pink building that’s now falling a part, umm it seems to need a little work,but then I’m no carpenter.That thought brings me to yet another site but this takes imagination,I wonder what it was like for baby Jesus being around the house,you remember his earthly Daddy was a carpenter. And growing up he probably did some of that type of work,I can see him running around with his hammer & nails knowing even then they someday they would be used  to kill him umm,even then Jesus was a good baby and young adult for he “never sinned”. Must have been so nice to have a Son like  that aye,giving you no heartache just going around doing good all the time. But even in caring for Jesus Momma & Daddy had their trials also,I wonder if they knew how  much longer they would enjoy their Son before he strechted out on the cross to give up his life for you and for me;My God,my God what love! Even after all this Jesus is still drawing all people to him for their souls salvation,it’s so amazing to me all that God has made and his love for us,his stubborn,hardheaded children that he loves so very much and that his love for us never changes,so “Wonderful” just to think of all he has done and to just ponder his love for me. I hope you enjoyed your day.

Love in Christ Pat

Where was Adam

Yesterday while viewing different questions I came across one that really stuck with me:Where was Adam when Eve sinned? So I left my computer to do some thinking and praying.But God does not always give me answers right away,but He does always answer.So first thing this morning I heard His Spirit speaking:Adam was there because the two were now one,like the Trinity Father,Son & Holy Spirit.God is so awesome and the way He sees things we really cannot even grasp them unless the Holy Spirit gives us light.That’s where a lot of unbelievers get confused trying to understand God’s word with there carnal minds,and because it makes no sense to them it cannot be true.The truth is as God’s word says it is and You must accept it by Faith otherwise you will start to make up whatever you think is right or fall into the lies of others.That’s why I believe there are so many confused people in the world,you know Jesus is Real but you don’t want to Bow down because of change.But change is good especially with Jesus as your Saviour because He will help you to change with nudges or(like with me,bricks)but it’s all good,because He is the “Greatest Comforter” so you can’t lose with Jesus He is the “Best”. And as you grow God will open His word up to an even greater understanding,like what He gave me(and more)it means a whole lot to me.I will continue to pray for the unsaved for knowing Jesus is very important,and for my Sister’s and Brother’s as well as for myself for we all have room for more growth.I am new to Bloging and I am enjoying this.Praise God

Love in Christ


I’ve found so very many Blog Post that I truly enjoy and a few that I just “peak” at and keep going,thank God for giving us the right to chose.That means if you don’t enjoy mine you to can “peak” and keep rolling.This is all so new to me so I decided to step out here again today just to see what I can get done,after all the reading I should be able to publish( lol) by now.Today I am just as happy as I can be and I am not at all ashamed of being a christian because Jseus is not ashamed of me,for I’ve learned that He loves me more than words can describe and I love talking about Him for He is the joy of my life!  Jesus is very kind & understanding His mrecy  toward & for us last for every,but we cannot take Him for granted for He has feelings to,and He wants our love because He made us to love not only each other but Him to. Jesus has been right by my side through all of my up’s & downs,not only by my side but living in me for I am His child. Jesus also longs to have a Relationship with you also for the same reason His love for you,after all He gave up His life in order to save yours Forever!  How wonderful is that for someone to die for you, Jesus though spiritual & human at the same time. Even though it may be hard to understand it is all true for the word of God said so, and God’s word has been around through many generations and it still has to be Excepted by Faith for our little small minds (nor well educated minds) can never recieve the things of God any other way But through Faith. Where does faith come from again God, He has given each of us enough faith to believe in Him and to accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour-If that is your choice. Well there it’s done my Blogg,so now to publish-Please if you read or just “peak” let me hear from you I want to make sure my Bloggs are coming out .


Love in Christ